Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Moron Mail Special Edition: Perpetuating the Lie

To recap:

* NonMonkey writes another softball lamenting how a bunch of moonbats who think that they're just the most important people in the whole wide world were harshly treated by John Kline's office because they only got to waste an hour of his staff's time.

* I point out the rather ridiculous self-contradiction within said column..

* DFLic Party Chair writes letter to Strib that basically perpetuates a lie that can be easily exposed using NonMonkey's column.

* I fisk said letter.

Now it's time for the drooling masses to repeat the lie enough until it becomes fact (edited for space and sanity):

Seeing past smears of Kline spokesman

They irony of that headline is too delicious.

In his Feb. 7 letter, Congressman John Kline's district director, Mike Osskopp, began lobbing grenades this way: "While (Jevne) Kloeber claims to be a concerned constituent, she is also an organizer of far left anti-war protests ...." I gather he believes that concern and protest are mutually exclusive. I disagree. I believe that political activists are deeply concerned citizens.

Yes, but then there are those other concerned citizens who VOTED HIM INTO OFFICE 4 MONTHS AGO!!! And they did so despite (because of?) his very well known views on the war. Are these sanctimonious moonbats proposing to thwart the will of the good people of the 2nd district? Hmm? HMMM??????

And protest is what people do when their elected officials refuse to listen to them.

And those protesters ought to know that they tend to look like this while doing so

So don't go crying to the Strib because nobody takes you seriously.

One way to heal political divisions is to discuss the issues that divide us.

They. Got. An. Hour.

And since everybody in that room with an IQ higher than a desk lamp knew that there was absolutely no way Kline is going to change his tune on the war (especially 4 months after winning an election in which that issue was front and center), why were they even there?

To grandstand?

To make a spectacle of themselves?

However, it's my understanding that collaring Congressman Kline for real dialogue is like playing whack-a-mole. That's not representation. That's hide-and-seek.

Um. He's in Washington. You know - the seat of the government to which he was sent to represent his constituents pursuant to the results of an election held 4 months ago?

Or are these moonbats somehow more important than the rest of the voters in the 2nd district? Should John Kline drop everything and fly back to Minnesota so these assholes can demagogue and tell him how much they hate him?

*** And frankly, I'm fed up and rising with the far right's


deceptive talking points, which are routinely funneled through John Kline's office.

Osskopp's language is silvery slick. He attempts to persuade us that Kline's conservatism is common sense, that generally peaceable anti-war activists took advantage of his trusting nature with their bully tactics, that protesters speaking to the press manifests evil intent, and that war protesters are determined to deny our soldiers the support they need. Oh, please. That's right out of the Republican playbook.

They were given an hour. Then, they were asked to leave. When asked to leave, they refused. In the law-talking biz, this is known as "trespass."

So some far left wing lunatics try to bait John Kline (this is hardly the first time something like this has happened). They fail. They then go to the press, unleash the party apparatus and the drooling fellow traveler letter writers to lie that he swallowed the bait when, in fact, he hadn't.

That's right out of the DFLic playbook.

[The rest is your typical empty lefty rhetoric, containing roughly the same substance as a Ryan Rhodes Chipotle burrito fart.]

BARBARA M!LL3R, EAGAN (The company you keep...)

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