Monday, February 12, 2007

Moron Mail

How lies are manufactured:

Rep. John Kline's rudeness to his constituents is part of a pattern.

Actually, from everything I've seen over the past year, he's only rude to belligerent left-wing assholes. I have no problem with that.

On Tuesday, several constituents concerned about escalating American involvement in Iraq visited the offices of each member of Minnesota's congressional delegation. In the offices that were open, the staffs of both Democratic and Republican representatives welcomed these constituents -- with one notable exception. Kline's office called the police and asked the 17 people to leave.

Yes, talking to these self-important moonbats FOR AN HOUR before asking them to leave so the office could deal with ACTUAL constituents is apparently "not welcoming".

It is deplorable that Rep. Kline treats constituents so rudely just because they don't agree with him.

It's equally deplorable that a Party leader would lie about it.

Yes, you heard me: LIE.

They weren't all constituents, they were acting in a moonbat war protester capacity, and he didn't kick them out until after they'd been using the air in his office for over an hour.

Lie lie lie lie lie lie lie lie.

And, unfortunately, this incident wasn't isolated, but part of a pattern. Kline's staff has locked constituents out of the office who hold opposing views.

Were they merely "holding opposing views" or were they "holding opposing views" in a belligerently assholish sort of manner?

Kline's district director shouted racial slurs at a constituent who disagreed with him.

I believe he referred to a Japanese car as a "Jap car".

Oooooooo! My burning ears.


Constituents who write Kline to disagree with his votes often get no reply.

Again, I suspect it has more to do with the whole belligerent asshole thing.

And really, you do have to cut the Congressman some slack as he's had to endure everything from DFL operatives trying to trap him into ethics violations to vacant slanders from some pitiful little blogger in Lakeville.

If Kline hopes to be effective in his new minority status, then he should at least listen to the other side.

The Other Side didn't return him to Congress. We did. So shut your belligerent little poo-flinging lemmings up for a change.


It's not often you get to fisk a DFL party chair using information gleaned from a NonMonkey column that (as usual) takes the same side. We're over the rainbow here, people.

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