Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Moron Mail

LearnedFoot's Third Law of Alarmist Rhetoric:

For every moderately phrased challenge to the global warming orthodoxy or its primary messenger, there is a violently shrill, incessant and opposite reaction.

Yesterday we had the fruitball who was offended by an online Fun Poll. Today, A Glorious Environmental (environMENTAL?) Hero must hammer down an up-sticking nail that dinged Super Benevolent Green Warrior Al "$30,000 Electric Bill" Gore:


If it was so predictable, why din't you send this letter sooner?

Katherine Kersten's appraisal of Al Gore ("U of M afflicted with Al Gore fever," Feb. 26) was nothing more than her stock in trade -- a litany of smugly snide and thoroughly bogus right-wing talking points.


Sorry, I was laughing so hard at that last phrase that I was late hitting the Irony Alert button.

Gore has been a congressman, a senator and a vice president, he has won the popular vote in a presidential election and is now championing a cause supported by 90 percent of the world's scientists.

And George W Bush has been a governor, the president, the winner of the popular vote, an oilman and a baseball team owner. So applying your logic, I guess that he is qualified to lecture on particle physics. Right?

I challenge Kersten to name a more qualified person in public life,

Oh oh! I can! I can!

William Gray.

Richard Lindzen.

There's two. I could name more...

and I challenge the Star Tribune to name a less qualified columnist to question his accomplishments.

Hey! I can do that one too:

Nick Coleman


Doug Grow


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