Monday, February 19, 2007

Non monkey on education

Non Monkey is, quite simply, too simple-minded to be taken seriously, but take him we must.

While reading the Sunday installment of his keyboard bile, I was taken to let loose with a gigantic fart. My wife blamed Saturday night’s chili, but I’m convinced my brain produced a large quantity of methane as it broke down the shit Coleman was shoveling.

In his crosshairs, again, was Don “Burn Down the Schools” Samuels:

Don Samuels has apologized for his words, but not his views. And he isn't likely to. For the Fifth Ward City Council member from Minneapolis who suggested burning down North High School is not just one man with an opinion.

Here’s the first shovel full of shit: If Coleman believes Samuels actually wants to burn down North High then he has proven himself to be an ignoramus incapable of identifying hyperbole when he sees it. This is highly possible. After all, I can’t think of any time when a Leftist hack, like our Non Monkey is, has used exaggeration to make a point. They actually believe the hysterical BS they spew.

He is a stalking horse for a movement that wants to torch public schools. It has gotten frighteningly close to its goal.

Good Lord, someone throw a net over this buffoon and drag him to St. Peter. He really does believe Samuels wants to burn down, not just North High, but all public schools.

The Center of the American Experiment, a local conservative think tank, is renewing the push for school vouchers, and it tapped Samuels to endorse its position paper. In his foreword to the recent publication, Samuels again displays a flair for the dramatic, writing that he wonders "how many future murderers are in the first grade classes of the four elementary schools within a mile of my home?"

Officer, arrest those first-graders!

Hold on there Nicoli, I’m going to assume I can count you among the gaggle of Lefties who are hell bent on ripping more money from my wallet so you can fund the latest and greatest Education Minnesota proposal: mandatory government daycare beginning at 6 hours old, mandatory home visits by government agents to assure proper feeding, clothing and reading materials are employed, all day kindergarten, free lunch for all, free healthcare for all, free food, shelter and clothing for all, etc.

You are a disingenuous ass to attack Samuels for saying what you and your fellow Stalinists have been spouting over the last many years.

But if you take Samuels seriously, it is not just his language that is lousy. It is his policies.
Samuels has become the darling of a coalition of mostly conservative, mostly suburban groups involved in a coordinated assault on "government monopoly schools."

“Mostly conservative, mostly suburban” is Liberal code for “mostly White”. Coleman is lamenting that another Brother has left the fields and moved into the Master’s house.
And let’s talk, shall we, about what Coleman calls “lousy language.” Are the groups Coleman hates really “assaulting” public schools? We know he doesn’t understand or use hyperbole, so he must believe there is an assault underway.

These groups are pushing hard in Minnesota for expanded tax-credit or tuition vouchers to allow public dollars to be spent on private schools. It isn't just people in the North High neighborhood who should worry about that.

Worry, they should be celebrating. What is wrong with finally having an opportunity to get out of the cesspools that are inner city schools? Would Coleman deny anyone the opportunity to escape these hell holes? Shit houses of education where most of the students don’t give a damn and their parents – if there are any – care any less. Coleman will bust his ass to deny that opportunity. It’s the Lefty way to give the big middle finger to any one who wants more.

Some groups pushing for vouchers have fought to outlaw gay marriage or to keep children from receiving sex education or learning about evolution. They have a right to send their kids to religious schools.

There it is guilt by association: A common tactic for Nick to employ. His good friend Keith Ellison cavorted with Louis Farrakhan, but that didn’t disqualify him from holding public office. In fact his association with the well-known anti-Semite was actually praised because the basis was reportedly the Million Man March. Hypocrisy looks good on Comrade Coleman, don’t you think?

They don't have a right -- Article XIII of the State Constitution bars public funding for "sectarian" schools -- to subsidize such schools with tax dollars.

What about non sectarian private schools, Nick? Would you back vouchers and tax credits if only non sectarian schools were included?

Nevertheless, the crusade is on. And Samuels is its hero.

Lousy language alert: “Crusade” has such a nasty connotation to it, I would think Nick would be very careful about using it. Oh, that’s right, no belief in hyperbole means he does see a crusade in action.

Other black leaders are being lobbied to convert to the vouchers cause. One, NAACP President Duane Reed, says he recently refused requests to testify on behalf of a vouchers/tax credit bill in the Legislature. He says the request came from a group affiliated with the Libertarian Party, whose platform praises tax credits and charter schools as "interim measures" that will help kill the public schools.

The grand conspiracy has been revealed.

"This is not about Don Samuels," Reed said at Thursday night's public meeting at North High with Samuels. "This is about ... tax credits. Which is just a code word for vouchers. This is just teeing up a sensational issue."How many black leaders support vouchers?" he said to me later, proceeding to tick off a long list of black groups, starting with the NAACP, that oppose them. "Now Don Samuels all of a sudden is an expert, and he is going to speak for us? I don't think so.”

These people – the NAACP types – are hilarious. They pretend to be in the business of helping “Colored People”, but their real goal is to do all they can to hold onto their power and, to accomplish that, they need to keep those same “Colored People” down.

Charter schools, funded with public funds, were supposed to help produce new teaching methodologies and education strategies. Other states limit their number. New York has a limit of 100. Iowa has a limit of 10. Minnesota has no limit. Today, we have 131 charter schools, with 23,600 students. At least 19 more charter schools are on the way.

How much is too much?

Sorry, Nick. Where’s the problem here? Are they not working? Has the Charter School experiment failed? If it has, why don't you tell us about it?

The largest sponsor of charter schools, Friends of Ascension, has ties to former state Republican chairman Bill Cooper, who has served on the group's board of directors.

Evil Republican bastards.

Friends of Ascension has 16 schools with 2,800 students (12 percent of charter school enrollment). Nor is Cooper the only former Republican Party chair to have found a keen interest in the inner city.

Former GOP chairman Ron Eibensteiner and his wife are the founders of KidsFirst Scholarships, which award privately funded vouchers to children (650 this year) to attend private schools. Those scholarships are funded by grants from right-wing billionaires such as Ted Forstmann and the late John Walton of the Walton Family Foundation.

Evil, evil Republican bastards. Can you imagine raising private dollars to fund scholarships so underprivileged kids can attend private schools? Hang the lot of ‘em.

Critics such as the liberal People for the American Way point out an obvious motivation: By handing out private vouchers in the inner city, conservatives hope to create political momentum for state vouchers that will damage public schools.

Oh, fuck you and all your private-enterprise-hating, Stalin worshiping, central-government-uber-alles chanting assholes. Public schools do a damn fine job of damaging themselves. They don’t need some Rightwing conspiracy to help them. What's obvious here is your desire to keep throwing money at a system that is failing in very large nubmers in the inner city.

Not to mention the teaching of evolutionary science.

There it is, the anti-religion shot. Anyone who wants vouchers or is in favor of private scholarships is a rightwing Christian fanatic. And we all know there is no room for religion in politics, unless it’s an all, or mostly, black Baptist church that features the Lefty Flavor of the Week on the pulpit – Jesse, Al, Clinton (both), Obama, etc.

The fire has been set. Public schools have lost thousands of students to charter schools and open enrollment, and that exodus has been folded into "drop-out rates" that have been recklessly exaggerated by radical opponents of public education, including Don Samuels.

What does this tell you Nick? Given the opportunity to get their kids the hell out of city schools, responsible parents do just that. You are a complete ass for wanting to cut off what has become the modern day “Underground Railroad.” One might even be tempted to call you a bigot and a racist.

This is not just an intramural squabble in the black community. All supporters of public education should be worried. It is not just North High that is under assault; it is the very idea of public education.

No! No! No! what is under “assault” is the idea of shitty public education delivered to kids who don’t give a goddamn about being in school and parents who don’t give a goddamn about their kids.

Vouchers, charter schools, open enrollment, etc. will give kids and parents who care about succeeding in education a chance to do just that. Let the slime that don’t give a damn stay where they are, but, for the love of God (sorry for the religious reference), let those who want a better shot a life have it.

As an inner-city politician with friends in high places, Samuels didn't set the schools ablaze. He just fanned the flames. But his friends are dancing around the bonfire.

Coleman is a toad, complete with warts. He wears the shield of Socialism with great pride. Fuck you if you want to succeed (even though he already has), and fuck you if you want the better things in life (like he and the Mrs. have). Coleman has wet dreams about an egalitarian society. A world in which everyone shares equally and is, therefore, equally miserable.

He is a sad and pathetic soul. God – oops – have mercy on him.

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