Friday, February 02, 2007

Poison pushing hypocrites

Hypocrisy starts early for some, and these young, mush-brained gals are a prime example. Sadly, they are too young to see the irony of their anti-smoking crusade. And make no mistake, it is a crusade.

The sash-clad little ladies in the accompanying picture push their own brand of poison on the public every spring. You know them as Girl Scout Cookies, but a better description is Heart Attack Pills.

If you are approached by a Girl Scout, tell her she’s a pusher. No better than the drug dealer on the street corner and that she should be arrested for tempting people into buying and eating her poison.

If she’s with an adult, let them know they should be ashamed of themselves for forcing young girls to sell high fat, nutrition free “food” to people who may not have the willpower to say “No.”

Then light up a Lucky Strike and blow the smoke in her cherub-like face.

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