Tuesday, February 27, 2007


I'm not a big fan of Minnesota Democrats Exposed. Oh, don't get me wrong: I like the exposer himself, Mike Brodkorb, just fine. But I have very little interest in inside baseball politics, the dirt dredging on local politicos few of whom I'd ever heard of before, and Brodkorb's tendency to beat picayune stories into the ground or republish GOP press releases wholesale.

However, I love - no make that L.O.V.E. - watching the reaction he provokes from the 15 or so interchangeable lefty droolers around here when he posts a story that hits close to the target. The tizzy fits. The spasms of indignant rage. The name calling. The law suits. The entertainment value offered by his detractors more than compensates for the rather dry writing and uninteresting (to me) subject matter. But, for a guy who has been called every name in the book from "stupid" to 'liar" to "hack" to "stupid lying hack," the sheer amount of bandwidth that these nimrods devote to discrediting him tends to belie their common thesis. Attempts to fabricate their own, lefty versions have yielded results ranging from "failure" to "abject failure" to "you're kidding me, right?". And, most importantly, their sputtering nonsense has provided KAR reams of material in the past.

So I was uplifted this morning when I made one of my infrequent visits to MDE and was rewarded.

As is to be expected, the DFLic party is none to happy with MDE, and it wants to rein in the sheep.

They even wrote a memo (well, broadcast e-mail to the faithful anyway).

Guess who got forwarded a copy?

I want to bring up an issue that some of our potential candidates, and some elected officials and democratic [not capitalizing the "D" is a sign of disrespect! -ed.] activists need to avoid at all costs. No one should ever communicate with, email, go on talk shows with, or give any attention to Michel Brodkorb aka MDE. If it is not clear enough by the title of his blog, it should be clear by now that he is a paid operative of the MN Republican party [this is either a lie, or a mistake caused by brain damage incurred while reading MNPooplius. And if any of you moonbats would like to argue that point, be prepared for a response consisting mainly of a 4-hour lesson on verb tenses. -ed.], has no interest in listening or debating issues, promoting topics that benefit democrats in anyway, and should never be responded to directly.

BRODKORB: Can I buy you a beer?


BRODKORB: Those are nice shoes, where did you get them?


BRODKORB: For fun, Democrats like to shove gerbils up their butts while listening to Seals and Crofts albums. To confirm this statement, say absolutely nothing.


There have been a number of examples of things, that don't need to be brought up right now (heck, this email will probably end up in his inbox somehow), [heh --ed.] but by dealing with him with any assumption of 'gain' can only enable MDE's arguments. If a story needs to get out there, there are plenty of high-traffic progressive blogs that should be used for any Democratic talking points/scoops, all of which would love to hear from anyone.

But if it's dirt on a sufficiently liberal DFLic candidate, don't count on it ever seeing the light of day...

There is an argument to be made that some of his attacks need to be responded to, but he still should never be dealt with directly. If his attacks are coming from his blog, then find a friendly progressive blogger out there to talk to and let your side out through. If MDE is attacking someone on the radio, then call up the local progressive radio station.

Ah. The marketplace of ideas, DFLic Party style.

Heck, if you have a democrat [again, not capitalizing the 'D" makes you look like - what's the word they like to use? - oh yeah: an "asshole" --ed.] you want to hit in a primary season, please go to one of the progressive bloggers for even that, no need to give this paid GOP opposition researcher any freebees. Plus commenting on his blog, or any other form of direct communication lends him credibility he does not have.

As opposed to the credibility of some of your more well-trafficked leftyboners.



Here are some traffic stats, just so it can be made clear that if a message needs to get out, there are good places to go:

Pageviews per week:

Minnesota Monitor - around 12000

Apparently, that rule about the adverse effects on one's credibility from being a paid operative no longer applies.

Minnesota Campaign Report - around 6000 http://www.mncrapaignreport.com/

MN Publius - around 6000 http://www.mnpooplius.com/

Now there's credibility!

MARK KENNEDY: [Gets off flight from Washington at Minneapolis International Airport]



I wish I had that kind of cred.

Oh, and while were at it: MNPooplus and that other CrapBlog are getting 6000 page views a week, and all KAR gets is a lousy 3,000???

What the hell is the matter with you people? Get on the stick!


There are other high traffic progressive blogs, [unfortunately they can't be listed here because their content consists of little more than the word "fuck" --ed.] but that should make the point. Working or even communicating with MDE is enabling him and his side, please try to avoid any communication with him, and please let your elected official or candidates you may be helping in the future know that if he calls, just hang up. Remember, he is NOT an independent blogger by any stretch of the imagination, he is a paid republican operative with the goal of destroying democrats [DAMN YOU!!!! Why -oh why -do you refuse to capitalize the "D", you insulting prig???!!!! -ed.] and our friends. No need to feed the beast.

Yet MNPooplius is refreshingly independent! I can't wait to see their post endorsing Norm Coleman for reelection.

So what if MDE is getting paid or not? The title of his blog is "Minnesota Democrats Exposed". Not real ambiguous. Does it really matter if you're biased out of passion or obligation to your employer? On the other hand you have paid and unpaid DFLic bobos posting on blogs with titles like "Centrisity" and "Minnesota Monitor".

Eat shit. A hack is a hack is a hack is a hack.

Please, DFLic: tell me more about this "credibility" of which you speak. It seems very different than the version I was brought up on.

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