Friday, March 02, 2007

Alma Mater Moron Mail

Alert reader Marcus forwarded an e-mail he received from University of Minnesota prez Robert Bruninkiss Broonikiness Bruinkiss Hasselmo replying to his concerns about the the U granting Global Climate Change(tm) PR flak Al Gore an honorary doctorate (I should note here that should the U decide to grant it to Gore, it will be Gore's first advanced degree of any kind):

I appreciate you writing to share your thoughtsand opinions. There are a number of different colleges at the University of Minnesota who havebeen considering the idea of hosting former Vice President Al Gore on campus to discuss the issue of global climate change. From renewable energy to environmental public policy, there is a wide variety of research and discussion on this topic throughout the University. Vice President Gore's interest and perspective would certainly add to any discussion on climate change. It is in the nature of vibrant intellectual discussion that not everyone will have the same response or opinion, yet an academic institution that ended a discussion because people have differing viewswould be neglecting its mission and the pursuit of higher education. I am committed to ensuring that the University is a place where many different viewpoints can coexist and can be heard.

That last statement would be easier to take if people who don't buy into Gore's alarmist theories in toto were not shouted down as ignorant wingnuts - if they have no background in climate science - or compared to holocaust deniers if they do.

Forgive me, but I always thought that "debates" or "discussions" had more than one side. I think I learned that in law school...

The University regularly awards honorary degrees to individuals who have significant public service accomplishments and contributions to society. Nominations for honorary degrees are
considered by the University's Senate All-Honors Committee and must be approved by both the President and the Board of Regents. Past honorary degree recipients include: Secretary of Health and Human Services Tommy Thompson; Secretary of State Madeline Albright; Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Warren Burger; Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor; Japanese Prince Hitachi; and new age music superstar Yanni

Honoring Yanni should be enough to stop the alumni donations.

Former politicians and elected officials whoreceive honorary degrees are honored for their public service and contributions, not for their political or ideological views.

Here's the list of honorary degrees awarded by the U. Go ahead and make up your own mind as to the validity of that statement. I ain't got time to google. Though, I will note that the U pretty much felated the Clinton Administration through the '90s. (I apologize for the graphic, yet extremely appropriate metaphor.)

Thank you again for writing to me. holocaust-denying carbon-spewing troglodyte.


Robert H. Bruininks President

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