Friday, March 30, 2007

Ask not to whom the rule applies... applies to thee.

But it doesn’t apply to him or him.

Say hello to two more environmentalist hypocrites: John Travolta and Prince Charles.

You can add them to a growing list of elitist pigs who are hell bent on using government to force you to reduce your “carbon footprint” (a made-up, bullshit measurement if ever there were one). Among the early adopters of environmental hypocrisy are:

Al Gore, John Edwards, Barbara Streisand, and any other Hollywood Leftist you can name.

Chuck takes a private jet to travel 500 miles so his second wife, Camilla, can enjoy a weekend in the Scottish Highlands.

Royal sources confirmed last night that Prince Charles boarded a Royal Flight HS125 at RAF Lyneham near his Highgrove home to take him, wife Camilla and a small entourage of aides to Aberdeen.

What the hell, he’s a prince who lives off the taxpayers in the UK and gets to live in his pick of several castles that are, no doubt, known for their highly efficient use of energy. He's never had a real job other than impregnating young blondes in a quest to keep the line to the throne in tact and that job ended when he had his exwife whacked.

Perhaps he can flap his ears, ala Dumb, and learn to fly. Camilla could latch onto his ass with her horse teeth and save the common folk millions of pounds.

Then we have our own little hypocrite right here in the good old USofA. Travolta owns 5 airplanes – including a Boeing 707:

"I'm probably not the best candidate to ask about global warming because I fly jets.

"I use them as a business tool though, as others do. I think it's part of this industry – otherwise I couldn't be here [UK] doing this and I wouldn't be here now."

Danm movie business. How dare it force poor John to fly his private jumbo jet so he can attend anti-global warming events.

Excuse me, Mr. Travolta, have you ever heard of flying commercial?

Or doesn’t the Grand Poobah of that cult you call Scientology allow his followers to associate with the unwashed and learn what it’s like to be an average Joe, or John as the case may be.

As always, when I read bullshit like this, I am compelled to go home and run every gas-burning vehicle, tool, implement I own. I think I will also pour my used oil down the storm sewer.

I see no reason to recycle with jackasses like John and Chuck working hard to save the earth.

God save the Queen, because the heir to the thrown is an elitist dirtbag.

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