Friday, March 09, 2007

Blois Blows It

Three things:

1) Blois Olson's defamation suit against MDE has been thrown out on summary judgment.

2) That's why Flash Feckface, MNPooplius, MNMonitor et al haven't posted anything yet today.

3) Never go to a blog run by a labor radical from Iowa for insightful legal analysis. Or any legal analysis for that matter.

That is all.

UPDATE: It's 1:30 and we have yet to see any reaction from Flash Feckface, MnPooplius, MinnMoney and all the other poo flinging monkeys that get their undies in a bunch in real time every time Brodkorb so much as farts.

UPDATE 2: Mitch also notes the astounding silence of the lefties, and takes up the seriously flawed legal analysis mentioned in #3 above. While he gets it pretty much right about one aspect, his post merely scratches the surface of the dishonesty present in the deeply misleading spin job. I may have more about this tomorrow - today is Chemo Day - yay!

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