Wednesday, March 21, 2007

He really doesn't get it

In today’s Star & Sickle “Letter of the day”, Steven Kriz of Maple Grove asks:

When Americans torture and systematically abuse another human being, even a cold-blooded killer like KSM, how are we morally superior to the terrorists themselves?

Since Steven posed the question I feel compelled to answer.


I find your question to be preposterously easy to answer. So easy, in fact, that a myopic imbecile such as yourself should be able to answer it as well. Since that is not the case, let me offer the following.

We are morally superior to all terrorists for the simple fact that we don’t live to maim murder and butcher innocent men, women and children.

In fact, most of us would never think about taking the life of a fellow human being unless circumstances so dire forced us to do so.

What if your young daughter were kidnapped, raped and beaten to death? Would you sit passively waiting for the human slime who did it to be brought to trial without giving it a second thought, or would you be so filled with rage you would have to be restrained from attacking the bastard and ripping is heart out with your hands?

Does your desire to kill him put you on equal moral footing, or should you be allowed this transgression from your normal state based on the circumstances?

Careful how you answer, Michael Dukakis lost his bid for the Oval Office because of his answer to a similar question.

Steve, did you notice that a 5 week old baby was murdered the other day?

I’d like to take the guy who did it, just him no one else, and kick his ass up and down the street until he is bloody and broken.

Does that make morally equal to him?

If you answer yes, as I believe you will, it is you who are screwed in the head and a danger to the rest of us who wish to win the war that you called “mythical.”

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