Thursday, March 15, 2007

An Illustration of Backasswards Logic

I’ve not spent too much time on this subject, but feel compelled to comment on it because this column precipitated one of the most illogical pieces of morn mail ever written.

First, I’ll nutshell the issue for you:

[The] Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA) would amend the National Labor Relations Act, the 70-year-old federal law that regulates union and management relations, by eliminating the government-administered secret ballot election by which employees have traditionally chosen union representation. In its place, the EFCA would allow unions to gain representation rights by acquiring employee signatures on "authorization cards" from a majority of employees in a voting unit.

In other words, say goodbye to the secret ballot and hello to the union boss putting his arm around you, shoving a card in your face and saying, “So, buddy boy, I hear you ain’t too crazy about unionizin’”.

Sounds like an invitation to corruption to me, but that’s not the way Mark Bradley of Roseville sees it:

Now, secret ballots are a fine thing, but Feuss should remember that people like Fidel Castro and Saddam Hussein were repeatedly elected by secret ballot. The point is that democracy is a process, not an event, and if the process is corrupted, the event becomes meaningless.

Excuse me, Mark, or is it Marx, every elected official in this country was elected by secret damn secret ballot. Are you, in your brain-dead way, trying to equate our elections with the ones held by Fidel and Saddam?

If our general elections were run like NLRA elections, Party A would be able to herd citizens into rooms and harangue them for hours about the evils of Party B. Those who did not attend these indoctrination sessions would be subject to punishment. People who dared to campaign in favor of Party B could be stripped of citizenship and deported. And then, there would be a secret ballot vote.

What Marx fails to mention is that, while there is a history of violence on the part of both labor and management, it is the labor unions – remember Jimmy Hoffa – that have a colorful history of cracking the skulls of those who don’t fall in line and tow the union line.

Don’t want the union; you can roast marshmallows over the embers of your burnt-out home.

No American would tolerate such a system, and yet that's how NLRA elections work. The Employee Free Choice Act would restore fairness to the system.

Please, Marx, explain to me how fairness would be restored when the grandson of Tommy Lucchese comes calling, with authorization card in hand, to exact a little influence.

If ever there was a bill that could be called Anti American, this is it.

Leave it to the unions to come up with this little number.

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