Thursday, March 29, 2007

KAR FAQ Episode IX: Revenge of the Poopy Lego

Let's see what the ole e-mail bag has for us today...

I noticed that mere days after you called for Congressman John Kline to hold the Town hall meeting that a few self-important moonbats demanded, he scheduled it. Do you have some kind of influence over Kline's staff?

Well, since KAR is the second most influential PoopThunderJournal (or the most influential PoopThunderJournal to feature a talking monkey), I think our influence goes well beyond a single congressman or his staff. Our opinion matters to the movers and shakers in this world.

I find that extremely hard to swallow. Are you that Kline staffer, Michael Oskopp?
I'll never tell....

Admit it! LearnedFoot is a just sock puppet for John Kline and his staff!

I don't get paid enough to be a sock puppet.

But you do get paid? Ha! Pwn3d!

You really need to grow up and find a new word.

OK. How about "You got toasted!"?

Ah, so you've graduated from the sixth grade into the seventh. But how exactly did I get "toasted"?

Hey pal - I'm asking the questions here! Anyway, I just totally toasted you because I got you to admit that you're paid to be a sock puppet for John Kline! I'm so turning this information over to CREW!

I admitted no such thing. But, if that will make you go away...

NEVER! I will never go away, for I am Jeffie the Wingnut Slayer!!!!!

There's a whole chapter in the DSM about you, isn't there?

So Mr. Oskopp I mean Foot, will you be *giggle* at the Town *snort* Hall meeting?
I am not Mike Oskopp. But if you'll be there, I probably will send Joe Tucci in my stead.

Oh, you can bet I'll be there. I am totally gonna pwn toast that wingnut!

Then I'll have Tucci stop by and give you an atomic wedgie.

Oh, and another thing - do you know of any videos of 10 year-old musicians playing Iron Maiden songs?

Thanks to Dave, yes. Yes I do:

Hey! I didn't write that question. You just made it up! You have no credibility, LearnedOskopp!

Ha pwn3d!


Grow a penis you loser.


Was that your ass, or just the air leaking out of your head?

I bet you were behind the 2 recent break-ins at DFL headquarters, Weren't you? It would be just like a Republikkkan operative attack blogger like you, LearnedOskopp!

I can't begin to address all the things wrong with that statement, but I'll try.

1) For the last time: I am not Mike Oskopp. As far as you know.

2) I am neither a) a Republican; nor b) an operative; nor c) a "blogger. I am a ThunderJournalist.

3) If I had broken in to the DFLic office, I would not have stolen a laptop. I would have left a clue.

You and your ilk disgust me!

Well, if you don't want to be disgusted, I suggest you go to some other website that won't hurt your tender sensibilities. Like this one.


Teehee. (Thanks, Ryan.)

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