Wednesday, March 07, 2007

MEMO TO JOHN KLINE: Have the Damn "Town Hall" Meeting They Want. Film It. Put It on YouTube.

If you've been paying attention at all, you know that I've been keeping up with some sanctimonious moonbats' efforts to pester my Congressman, John Kline, into becoming their own personal Wellstone.

In that regard, a rare nonmoron Letter to the Strib makes the cut here at our virtual treehouse today. Oh, not for any brilliant insight or clever twist of phrase; but rather for passing on something he observed:

There has been a back-and-forth recently about the protests organized by national liberal groups (the Occupation Project) to stage sit-ins at congressional offices until elected representatives promise to vote to de-fund the troops.

Because there has been so much disagreement, I decided to check out the protests for myself. I went to Congressman John Kline's Burnsville office on Feb. 13 and Feb. 20 for the second and third weeks of what was billed as an eight-week program. What I witnessed was far different than the gross mischaracterizations presented in numerous letters to the editor


On Feb. 13, Kline's most senior staffer met with the group, listened to their concerns and answered questions for nearly two hours. It was a meaningful dialogue, but throughout the meeting one thing was clear -- the protesters have a very narrow world view. There were a lot of strange and odd views represented in the room. For example, a hypothetical question was asked about what the U.S. response should be if Iran followed through on a stated promise by its president to unleash a nuclear holocaust on Israel. Sadly, one of the anti-war protesters said: "If Iran would drop a nuclear bomb on Israel, I would ask myself if Israel had it coming, and I would say they did."




In case you missed it, let's recap:

If Iran would drop a nuclear bomb on Israel, I would ask myself if Israel had it coming, and I would say they did.

The KAR drama club has produced an uncannily accurate recreation of that statement, starring a familiar face (here).


So, it's OK if Iran were to indiscriminately incinerate tens of thousands of Jews, tourists and - yes - Arabs - because they...

"had it coming"?

But Iraq somehow had nothing coming?

Israel deserves to get nuked. This from a "peace" activist.

(Sorry for the terse prose - I had always thought that these people only existed in Dementee's imagination. I'm groping for words here.)

Allow me to collect my thoughts...


OK, that didn't work. I'll just write the first thing that enters my freshly-blown mind:

Poop fart!


Alright, I've got something now. Ready...go:

These are the same people who claim that they have a "right to be heard," and that they possess a "valid" point of view. They want a public "debate" about the war. They want to be taken seriously.

I say do it. Hold that town hall meeting they keep demanding. Get these freaks to talk - on tape (and it wouldn't be hard since they do tend to love the sound of their own voices). Just let them yammer on and on. And then, make sure everyone gets a chance to see them for the vacant narcissistic eliminationists they are.

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