Wednesday, March 14, 2007

New Blogger Sucks

I had this sweet Moron Mail ready to go. When I hit "publish" I got an error message telling me that I exceeded the character limit in the labels field. When I hit the back button (no alternative was offered), I discovered that the post was completely obliterated, and unrecoverable. This makes today's featured cretin especially lucky, as the post was a good one IMAO.

Alas, I lack the time to reconstruct it, and I must move on to other things. So I ask you, dear reader, to fisk this flaming Jane Smiley wannabe asshole within an inch of his pathetic little life. Such as it is. (But given your pathetic record as a disengaged and passive audience, dear reader, I won't hold my breath.)

Joined by philosophy

So many reasons for Mitch Pearlstein to be pleased with himself (Commentary, March 9)! He disapproves of Ann Coulter! He's adopted a biracial daughter! He knows the meanings of hard words like "alliterative" and "larboard"! On a subsequent descent from Olympus perhaps Pearlstein will explain how he decides where to draw his lines of disapproval.

He's "not too thrilled" with Coulter, but she's gotten rich selling her shtick to dolts who mark their ballots as he marks his. He boasts of never having invited Coulter to address his think tank, but he's invited others who fawn on her.

Lacking the powers of discrimination possessed by these demigods, I find it convenient to revile them all uniformly.


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