Thursday, March 01, 2007

Power Line Acknowledges KAR's Existence

John Hinderaker recapped the first hour of the Northern Alliance Radio Network (with John Hinderaker) on Power line yesterday. Now, normally this is no big deal, as he tends to do that 2 to 3 times a week. What makes it different this time, however, is that yours truly made his radio debut that hour in a prerecorded bit that played toward the end of the hour. Perhaps two of you heard it.

Therefore, any thorough review of the contents of said program must contain at least a passing reference to my contribution to the show. This would mark the first time since the debut of KAR back in November of aught-five that any reference to KAR appeared on that premiere weblog; a blog which has had a long history of snubbing the contributions this ThunderJournal has made to the public discourse.

I invite you to savor the moment by reading the post along with me, as I have only skimmed the post, and have yet to read it:

Last Saturday, we had Washington Post movie critic Stephen Hunter as a guest, and got his predictions and commentary on the Oscars. I put that interview up as a podcast right away, since the Oscars were the next night. Now I've done the first hour of the show, which was fun but not as news-intensive as some.

Hee hee. And why was the first hour so gosh darn fun, John? [Knowing smile]

I have a feeling that he will tell us soon...

I missed the first two segments, as I was filming an appearance on Fox News.

But that's OK because my bit played after the third segment...

Chad was AWOL, so Brian would have been by himself, but for our lovely producer, Irina, who took a microphone and kept Brian company very ably.

John seems to be in a good mood - effusive with praise. I can't wait to see what he says about my bit.

They talked about the rumor that the University of Minnesota will award Al Gore an honorary PhD in environmental studies, or something, and Brian pointed out that the list of such U of M honorees is a virtual rogues' gallery.

Ha ha. Yes that was amusing...

When I joined the crew in progress, we talked about the David Geffen/Maureen Dowd/Barack Obama/Hillary Clinton intramural spat.

Say John, what was the weather like? [wink wink]

We wrapped up the hour by awarding our Loon of the Week prize to a certain mad Congressman.

Ah, I see he's saving the best for last....

It is, as I said, a fun hour.

And what was the funnest part? Lay it on me baby...

You can download or just listen to the podcast here. Or, as always, you can subscribe to our podcasts on iTunes by going here.


I also made this excerpt,

Oh - he's going to put my bit right on the front page -

which is me talking about the Obama/Hillary dust-up.


. . .

It's all about you John, isn't it?


Just hit the play button; it is around three minutes long. If you find it interesting, you should start listening to our podcasts!

Oh but of course I'd find it interesting, John. I'm always interested in what yoooooou have to say!


WHITE-HOT RAGE UPDATE: The prick completely cut out my bit from his podcast.

This means war.

I'm resurecting NAAPALM.

Nihilist, call your office.

UPDATE #2 - HOW YOU CAN HELP: Open a thread on the PowerLine Forum (or, hijack an existing thread) to express your outrage and disgust at PL's latest arrogant snub.

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