Friday, March 30, 2007

Something to Do

While you're waiting (quite possibly in vain) for me to post something brilliant, why not wander over to CREW's website (mentioned earlier this week) and drop 'em a line commending them on the outstanding job they're doing persecuting Republicans. Here's the one I just sent them:

I think it's great that there's finally an organization to call out unethical behavior in Washington. It's about time!

I had no idea that there were so many corrupt Republicans. I also had no idea that there is not one single unethical Democrat AT ALL in D.C.

Or does Soros prohibit you from going after those?

P.S. Could you explain to me how suing Mac Hammond has anything to do with "Ethics" in Washington. I mean, sure, the IRS is headquartered there and all, but I fail to see how an oily televangelist possibly breaking 501(c) requirements in Minnesota has anything to do with ethics in Washington. Or does he just donate a lot of money to Republicans, and thus must be punished?

Yeah. That's probably it.

I can't wait to see their response.

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