Friday, March 16, 2007

Spotlight on Hockey

I love playoff hockey.

I'm heading to "The" X today to watch the SCSU Huskies take on the UND Fighting Sioux. I'm taking the lads out of school early so they can experience the atmosphere and we just might hang around to buy tickets to the evening session to watch the Gophers and Badgers fight it out.

As a gesture of kindness, I thought I would invite the Marquette basketball team to join us.

They've got nothing better to do.

LEARNEDFOOT ADDS: Don't forget to invite Notre Dame' basketball team.

LEARNEDFOOT ALSO NOTES: Cancel the Badgers' invite, however. They're busy.

LF REFLECTS FURTHER: You know D, NCAA hockey is such a great game that even if Notre Dame wins the hockey championship, 5 years from now nobody (outside Minnesota) would remember it; but everyone (outside Minnesota) would fondly recall 2007 as the year the Fighting Spud Chuckers earned an early exit from an obscure Winthrop team in the first round of the tournament that everybody (outside Minnesota) actually gives a shit about.

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