Friday, March 02, 2007

Where Have All the Cowgirls Gone? -- Part 2

It's time once again to explore what makes for a "strong" woman. As before, I will compare examples of two archetypes of female strength: one that is held out as such by gender feminists and the dickless drones who love want to screw them, and one that is not. Like last time, our subjects will be former campaign outreach blog-o-trix for John Edwards, Amanda, and current wife of me, Mrs. Foot.

Amanda: Bravely defended the right (ATTN HELP DESK: please fix broken link) of leftybloggers to use the word "fuck". Again.

Oh, and in her spare time, I'm sure she stuck it to the Patriarchy or fought off the coming "theocracy." Or something.

Mrs. Foot: Despite being in the middle of her "bad week"* of chemo, and over my vehement (though impotent as I was at work) objections, shoveled our driveway while simultaneously managing to keep Moonchild from getting run over by the snow plow.


Left-wing example of "strength" - 0

Mrs. Foot - 47

* The "bad week of chemo" is the one that begins two days after the treatment and runs for approximately five days. It is the point when fatigue and nausea are the worst.

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