Friday, April 06, 2007

Appocalypse...Of Cuteness!

Oh, woe to you of Brew City, for Moonchild this day returns with wrath, and he knows the time is short. Let those of you who hath understanding reckon the hour of his arrival, for it is a human hour - 6:06 PM (CDT). (Or sooner, depending on how many potty breaks The Girl doth require.)

No bathroom fixture is safe. No scrap of pepperoni or Polish sausage shall be spared. The streets will run cold with chocolate milk. There will be no slaking Moonchild's unquenchable appetite for destruction and meat.

Fair thee warned be ye, says I.

DISCLAIMER: For you tightly-wound Milwaukeeans who are right now trying to regain control of your trembling hand so you can dial Homeland Security to report a terroristic threat, you should probably know that Moonchild - the Bringer of Destruction - is a two year old:

And while he can and will lay waste to your home's interior in moments, he hasn't yet developed the skills necessary to bring down the Water Street Tower.

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