Monday, April 09, 2007

Blog Against Theocracy - 2007

NOTE: I apologize for being so late to this blogswarm, but I just found out about the Blog Against Theocracy from Chad moments ago. I hope what I lack in punctuality will be made up tenfold in profundity.

Do we want to live in a world where the State defines sin? Do we want to live in a country where only redemption can be found in state-compelled asceticism or by purchasing state mandated indulgences? How about a parallel currency system? And how would you like being forced to subscribe to an official State mythos; a mythos that is perpetrated by lionizing hucksters and PR flaks and is enforced by marginalizing the millions who dare articulate a well-reasoned opposing view.

Not for me! No sireebob!

And I'm sure everybody reading this feels the same. But that's not why I'm Blogging Against Theocracy today. I'm Blogging Against Theocracy because many of those same people do not think it can happen here. But it can. And a recent decision by the Supreme Court portends that it can.

Perhaps you missed that decision last week in which 5 Justices who know little about atmospheric science (including Anthony Kennedy who also knows little about "law") declared that breathing is an act of pollution as a matter of law. Justice Stevens wrote in the court's opinion that the EPA's decision that carbon dioxide is not a regulatable pollutant was "arbitrary, capricious or otherwise not in accordance with law," adding that Man Made Global Warming was an "important issue". And thus, the first cracks have begun to appear in the wall between Apocalyptic Junk Science and State. Now the Pharisees of this nihilistic religion are armed with the imprimatur of validity that can only be bestowed by the Supreme Court of the United States.

This is yet the latest in a systematic attack against capitalism by a bizarre bunch of would be World Savers. They demand adherence to their end times orthodoxy. The true believers follow with an almost glassy-eyed affect, proselytizing doom in a single voice every time the temperature rises above (or goes below) the daily average. They ignore the evidence that disproves their faith with a quick ad hominem and a reference to "consensus". Those who do not submit are defamed - or worse.

I Blog Against Theocracy because I am not afraid to proclaim to all who hear it "I do not believe in Al Gore!" I Blog Against Theocracy because I refuse to accept prophecies of drowning polar bears simply because Al Gore featured an animated dramatization of one in some stupid movie. I Blog Against Theocracy because they label me "sinner" for refusing to drive a speck car and running the air conditioning on 90 degree days while demurring to purchase salvation through "offsets" and "carbon credits". I Blog Against Theocracy because I am free and I have the innate ability to think critically!

I Blog Against Theocracy because Al Gore and his robotic acolytes have caused more misery to those with common sense than all the wars in history combined.

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