Thursday, April 26, 2007

Dead Man Writing


I was delighted to read that Minneapolis is finally getting aggressive about crime on 7th Street. I have worked and lived downtown for 11 years and avoid 7th and Hennepin and 7th and Nicollet due to young black youth who harass, intimidate, deal drugs and fight at these two stops.

I was disgusted at comments this is some type of "agenda" to remove black people from downtown. I have had to call 911 many, many times at these two stops -- not once was it to break up a group of young Swedes fighting and dealing drugs!

It is long overdue for Minneapolis to rid those corners of bad behavior. Maybe now I will start spending more money downtown instead of in the suburbs.


The Strib is going to have to take out a third opinion page just to accommodate all the hate mail this guy's going to get.

And then, of course, Syl Jones will have to weigh in to rail against racist "Ice People" like Paul here.


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