Tuesday, April 03, 2007

The Dream Season Begins

My two favorite baseball teams asserted themselves as the teams to beat in their respective leagues year. Indeed, if yesterday's tilts were any indication the rest of the season is a mere formality. The Twins and the Brewers truly appear to be the Teams of Destiny.

In the Metrodome, the Twins showed a little lumber, beating down the Orioles 7 to 4. Meanwhile, the Brew Crew dominated the Dodgers 7 to 1 on the back of a Ben Sheets 2-hit jewel. However, few Brewers faithful were aware of the outcome, as they were all completely hammered. (And you really need to click that link.)

A quick crunch of the numbers tells me that both the Twins and the Brewers are on a pace to finish 162 and 0. However, since no major league team has ever gone undefeated, I see both teams winning somewhere around 150 games. That should be enough to get each of them into the post season. (Of course the Brewers need Sheets to stay healthy and turn in approximately 75 starts of the quality he showed yesterday.)

Accordingly, I have posted the "magic numbers" for both the Brewers and the Twins on the sidebar to help you, the reader, track the collision course that will lead these teams to the World Series.

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