Monday, April 16, 2007

Great Moments in Civic Discourse - Tax Day Edition

In 1819, writing for the court in the case of McCulloch v. Maryland, (17 U.S. 316), Chief Justice of the United States John Marshall observed:

The power to tax involves the power to destroy.

In 2007, writing for George Soros, general dumbass Jeff Fecke blathered:

You see, while the surly curmudgeons whine and cry about having to pay their fair share for what they get, a simple fact remains: For all its faults, the government provides a number of good and vital services.

But really, this wouldn't be Jeffie's Weekly Kolumn (tm), without a nice big distortion o' the truth on which to premise his preconceived thesis. To wit:

The usual group of surly curmudgeons gathered on the Capitol steps Saturday demanding an end to taxation.


Unless you want your government to resemble Somalia's, you're going to have to spend money on something. And if you're going to have your government spending money, it's going to need to tax people.


The people calling for an end to all taxes Saturday drove to the Capitol on public roads in cars whose safety was verified by the federal government.

Of course, the truth of the matter, realized by everyone who isn't a self-loathing kool aid sucking moron is that nobody is calling for an end to all taxes. Oh, sure, I bet there were a few kookballs among the 6,000 protesters (according to the police - 14 according to the likes of Fecke) who give about as much thought to the issue as Feckster does here. But the vast majority of us realize that taxes do need to be paid for certain things (like, Jeff, roads, public safety, etc.). We're one in the same who do not presumptuously tag our posts with the label "Economics" when we're really advocating for the government to extract even more revenue from someone else to make ourselves feel magnanimous.

This is how they try to frame the debate. They use language that tends to leave the impression that we're not taxed at all (I'd be happy to shove my tax return in his big fat mustard-stained face show him my tax returns and illustrate to him what exactly an "unfair share" of taxes looks like). Though rarely do you see it, as here, as an outright false assertion.

But Jeffie needed a "column" to earn his fellowship jing. Writing that a bunch of people who are already taxed quite a lot take umbrage with the myriad of anal rape-o-licious tax increase proposals amounting to over a billion dollars circulating our legislature, while true, would not serve his purposes or comport with his somewhat distorted view of reality.

And thus is born a new word into the KAR lexicon:

to fecke v. To make shit up in order to advance one's own agenda.

ex.: Andy claims to have birdied the 17th hole, but I bet he fecked that score.

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