Thursday, April 05, 2007

He Apparently Just Can't Help Himself


(NOTE: To fully experience the following post, listen to KAR's Official Rant Theme while reading it.)

Our Pal Jeffie continues to spin on Wifigate. As is his wont, he tries to self-servingly reframe the issue (find it yourself - I don't link to tools):

Now, if you’re coming her from the conservative blogosphere, you’re probably expecting that I’m going to be arguing vehemently about the decision by the Kline camp not to let me liveblog. Well, more on that in a minute, but frankly–no, I wasn’t that put off by it. It was their room, and their decision. I disagreed with that decision for a variety of reasons, but I didn’t disagree with their right to make it. You’ll note that my reaction was to 1) Call my editor [HA! -ed.] to let her know that there’d be no liveblog, 2) Take notes, 3) Write a story, one that I think was pretty balanced all in all.

But to argue that I was at fault because the Kline camp wouldn’t let me use equipment I’d already secured? That’s just stupid, as stupid as arguing that those who were told they couldn’t use the tripods they brought for their cameras were somehow at fault.

Let's talk "stupid".

No, let's talk "dishonest," "disingenuous" and "sleazy".

Nobody was arguing that it was Jeffie's fault. Jeffie is dishonest and disingenuous because he attempted to leave the impression that there was one set of rules for him and another for those friendlier to Kline. This is patently false. Had either Brodkorb, KAR, Lady Logician or anyone else been incompetent enough to make "arrangements" with the facility rather than with the people actually running the event, we too would have suffered the same result. That's what happened to Jeffie. He labors under the illusion that because he cloaks himself in the self-referential mantle of "reporter," he is somehow special (or is actually a reporter, for that matter). He's not. But instead of telling the truth (once he pulled his head out of his ass to learn it) he maintained:

Minnesota Monitor had intended to liveblog the event. Unfortunately, while some conservative bloggers were allowed internet access, Kline staffers informed this reporter that I would not be able to take advantage of internet access that had been offered me after inquiry with the Lakeville school district.

It's a lie. If Jeffie had a wireless card, he could have liveblogged too. If Brodkorb didn't have same, he and Tucci would not have. The only person who claims that he was told that "no blogging would be allowed" is Jeff.

So you see, we're not really ridiculing Jeff for being incompetent as much as were are calling him out as a liar. Apparently, he couldn't wrap his enormous intellect ego around that.

And then there's the sleaze:

The Kline camp went into this meeting terrified of…something. I’m not sure what. And I think it was a huge strategic blunder. But they were scared to death of something happening that would make John Kline look bad, and they took pains to ensure that the meeting would be as tightly controlled as possible.

But if we grant that Jeffie was merely incompetent, it's even more galling he tries to use his own incompetence as a club to beat Kline. Kline's afraid of the leftyblogger! Kline's afraid of the press! Look around the leftysphere and you see those things. Apparently, it never occurred to any of them (most of whom I'm sure would deny it if you accused them of being cynical) that perhaps they simply didn't want a media circus. Perhaps they didn't swallow the bait to provide whomever Kline's next opponent might be with a prefab campaign commercial. Given the phalanx of droogs out there gunning for him (whom are outstripped only by Michele Bachmann's in terms of numbers and the depths of their psychoses), can you blame him? Perhaps the intention was that this "meeting with constituents" be a, er, meeting with constituents. I know that Jeffie's side saw it as a milieu in which they could vent their narcissistic self-righteous spleens. But they often forget that a) they are not Kline's only constituents; and b) they don't even represent a majority of Kline's constituents.

Not to mention the fact that Jeffie regards himself as one of those (er, "reporters"?) Kline tried to silence out of fear speaks volumes (sorry Mitch).

I'm really sick of crap like this. I would have rather written about the MilF or cranked out a few haikus about Nancy Pelosi (example: Nancy meets Bashar / Bearing love from Israel. / Olmert says "Not me!"). And in fact, I was going to just let it slide.

But Jeffie has tried to pull this kind of shit way too often to let him get away with his own spin (which is swallowed wholesale by those unwilling to think critically about anything pooped out by a sympathetic source.) It's his MO. One of these days I may go back through KAR's (and Mitch's) archives to remind everybody about the half truths, half stories, cherrypicked facts, and absurd sourcing this guy uses. When I joined Kennedy v. the Machine on a very part time basis back in September or October, I remember that Jeffie remarked that that blog was taking a credibility hit. As I observed in the previous post, this twerp is irony-proof.

Another reason I cannot let it go is that his particular brand on muckraking has a poisonous effect on the public discourse. Half-truths pass as whole facts. An example from the town hall meeting - and I should state that Fecke had nothing to do with this - immediately jumps to mind. An agitated lady stood up, listed all her family members who had served in the armed forces and then went on to chastise Kline for "only voting to fund veterans benefits once during his 6 years in Congress". Long story short, after a couple of bon mots, Kline answered her by stating she had the facts wrong. He had actually voted 4 times to increase funding and chastened her to look it up in the Congressional record. (And I should hasten to add that response was missing from Fecke's fair and balance writeup of the meeting. A real "reporter" probably would have noted it.) However, this lady apparently only got her information from activist literature and DFLic front hit piece outlets like MinMoni. By relying on this sort of agit-prop, she publicly embarrassed herself.

It's folks like Jeffie that made that woman's moment of humiliation possible.

You want to talk stupid? How about anybody assigning even a crumb of credibility to this cretin. That's stupid.

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