Thursday, April 05, 2007

"I have a tremendous headache"

The educated among you will recognize those as the last words of FDR.

They are also the words I screamed after reading the following steaming pile of excrement I found in the Star & Sickle:

Media attention has focused on the eight recently dismissed U.S. prosecutors. What about the 85 prosecutors who were not fired?

What about ‘em?

During the last few years, there have been three high-visibility federal prosecutions of Minneapolis City Council members who happen to be Democrats. Of course, almost all Minneapolis council members are Democrats.

Um, I thought I was gonna hear about the 85 unfired prosecutors.

But the city councils of the surrounding suburbs are dominated by Republicans.

They are? What do you base that on? And even if it is true, what the hell does any of this have to do with the 85?

The amount of development in those suburbs exceeds development in the city.

Another unsubstantiated claim?

The opportunities for corruption in those suburbs therefore exceeds those in the city.

Is this guy going to make a connection between a string of unproven assertions and point it back at…

Yet, there have been no prosecutions of metro Republican officeholders.

Yes! He did it! Three Dummycrat concilmen – actually one was a Greenie, as in nose snot – take bribes of cash and shitters and this numb-nuts – his name is Jeffrey Loesch by the way – blames a vast Right Wing Conspiracy. OK, he never used the word conspiracy so I will retract that.

As the conspiracy theorists say, coincidence?

Like hell I will. Chucklehead Jeffrey has it in his pea-sized brain that Republican US Attorneys are conspiring to take down the Minneapolis City Council. To what end, so the criminals who sit on it can be replaced by people who are even more to the left.

Maybe, just maybe Jeffrey the three who had the opportunity to play wife to their cellmate actually committed the crimes for which they were convicted.

Maybe, just maybe Jeffrey your heroes in the Dummycrat party aren’t as pure and Republicans not as tainted as you addled mind would like to believe.

Jeffrey is one sick bastard, really. I mean you gotta feel sorry for someone like this: Sound of the black helicopters constantly in your ears, a tinfoil hat that’s a bit too tight, constantly on guard because your mom – who’s not really your mom, or even a woman for that matter – is looking for the right moment to implant the RFID chip in the back of your neck.

Someone please track this one down, wrap him up and deliver him to St. Peter – the hospital, not the one at the Pearly Gates.

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