Friday, April 13, 2007

If You Don't Get Your Swine Flu Shots Soon, You Are Going to Die

Installment #3,980,497 in the Strib's 4 billion part series about how Man-Made Global Warming(tm) is a "Scientific" "Fact"(tm) and those of us who are able to think on our own are a bunch of drooling alchemists:

Earlier this week, we editorialized about the latest global-warming impact report from the International Panel on Climate Change. The report reflects the consensus view of the world's most eminent climate scientists....

...A consensus among those who are predisposed to thinking global warming is caused solely by CO2 emissions. Those research grant checks don't write themselves, you know.

After subjecting global data from the past 50 years to rigorous analysis, they warned that the first effects of climate change already are being felt, that things inevitably will get worse in the short term and that catastrophic long-term damage can only be avoided if humans act now to minimize their impacts on climate.

These are the same effects that have been felt since the retreat of the Wisconsinian glaciation. In retrospect, that icy demurrer has been quite positive overall for the human race.

Some considerable part of the response to that editorial was, frankly, strange. Cleaned up considerably and summarized, it boils down to this: It's snowing in April and you claim the climate is warming? Scientists can't even reliably tell us what the weather will be day after tomorrow. What kind of fools do you think we are? This is just more drivel from liberals who want to control our lives.

They're right. That is faulty logic. And it's of the same specimen of faulty logic in which the shrinking Antarctic ice shelf (no - the one on the other side of Antarctica, not the one that's growing) proves that the average global temperature increase is caused solely by carbon emissions.

Think about it.

Global warming deals with longer-term trends on a global scale, and the data do not lie: The world is getting warmer at an alarming rate, and scientists have great confidence that the biggest contributor to the warming comes from greenhouse gases released through human activities -- from driving a car to burning coal for electrical generation.

Yes, let's look on a global scale:

Now some questions for Jim Boyd or Steve "Hertz" Berg or whichever know-it-all penned this fetid pile of crap:

1) Notice how the CO@ level tracks in almost direct proportion to the average global temperature? If carbon gasses cause global warming, where prey-tell did all that atmospheric CO2 come from to precipitate the periodic rapid increases of temperature illustrated when there was no human activity?

2) Conversely, where did all that atmospheric CO2 go which (presumably) "allowed" the global temperature to decrease, plunging the earth into each successive ice age?

3) See how the CO@ level on the far far left side (present day) of the chart has spiked upward? This is undoubtedly due to human activity. But did you notice how the red temperature plot hasn't shot up along with it, like in all those previous historical cycles?

No, you can't answer those questions. Because you never posed them. And you never posed them because instead of actually thinking or finding out answers on your own, you merely saw apostleship of Al Gore as the quickest way to mount your high horses.

But as with everybody on your side of this "debate", you just gloss right on over the mechanics of causation and spend the bulk of your time yet again listing the parade of computer model generated horribles (when you're not scolding the "deniers," that is):

Indeed, global warming's impact on established weather patterns increases the severity of those variations. But year in and year out, Minnesota will continue to get warmer along with the rest of the world. The human suffering that results will be enormous, especially for the world's poorest people.

...And then politely request all citizens of good conscience jump into their carbon-spewing vehicles, buses and trains, tote signs drawn on former CO2-reaping trees, and make spectacles of themselves to show that you all really really care.

Piss off and die, troglodytes.

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