Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Live-Friggin-Bloggin' the Kline Townhall Meeting

I'm on MDE's laptop, so this may be spotty.

700 - I'm pissed. The vending machine is out of delicious Hostess Hohos.

701 - Jeff Fecke's here. That explains the Hohos.

715 - Kline is just letting the pitchfork-wielding yokels just vent (read) their (prepared) opinions for the first half of the program. The term "rope-a-dope" comes to mind.

720 I'm missing Tony Bennett night on American Idol for this?

725 - Moonbat: "Why would you oppose that bill when there are 60 million workers who would join the union if they could"


I think I'll have to fact check that number...

Er, actually, no I don't. It's patent bullshit.


Nice people actually.

731 - Since I'm using his computer, I should probably plug MDE's liveblog


737 - I think that moonbat just called Kline a "two by four". No. I'm not kidding. Context would help, but I'm not going to provide it.

740 - Gold star Mom just gave the Feckes of this world a gigantic kick in the nuts. Well...a kick in their vaginas anyway. Half the place gave here a standing O. Half did not. Guess which half sat on their asses. Watch for the footage (and why the assholes patriotic Americans that didn't stand, didn't applaud her son are dregs) on residual froces tomorrow.

750 - Some dispeptic moonbatress just called Iraq "a holocaust". That got the drooling retards patriotic Americans off their butts.

800 - Question segment of the meeting. Fecke opens his second crate of Hohos.

802 - OK, I'm just joking about Fecke eating all those Hohos. I actually can't see what he's eating.

803 - A postal worker has a question...RUN!!!!!!!

804 - Frequent commenter to every blog but KAR jewing is sitting with us. He does not appreciate my humor.

815 - LIBERAL LIES!!!! Minnesota Monitor monitor sez:

Reporter [heh -ed.] Jeff Fecke has called in from the town hall meeting sponsored by Rep. John Kline (R - Minn.). Although wifi access has been enabled, [lie - it has not been enabled - we checked. -ed.] Kline's staff has asked that there be no live blogging of the event.

He asked no such thing. They merely said that the school's wifi was off. Fecke playing loose with facts? Like that never happens.

As of 6:50, media has not been allowed into the event to set up, and they are also not being given an option to plug into the audio equipment in order to record feeds..

Fecke will be reporting back later this evening, so stay tuned for future coverage.

Update: Michael Brodkorb, Republican operative and chair of SD 38 [LIE -he's not the chair anymore. -ed.] in Kline's district, appears to be live blogging at his site, despite the restrictions placed on other bloggers at the event.

Again, no restrictions, but no wifi. However, this is not a problem when you have (Brodkorb's) Verizon Wireless card.

And I am also Liveblogging this event. Not mentioning that is a lie of omission.

Not that George Soros cares about facts.

816 - Repya calls out he a-holes patriotic Americans that didn't applaud that mom's son who died in Iraq.

830 - The moonbats are acting up - Kline made the grievous error of calling it the Democrat Party (w/o the -ic). Grow up children.

840 - Random musings: I don't think George Soros is getting his money's worth when his paid, highly "skilled" "journalists" can't figure out how to do a simple liveblog w/o wifi, while I am able to do it for a mere Poop ThunderJournal.

849 - Kline just smacked down Billie Jean King. Pandamonium IS BREAKING OUT!!!!! She is pissed by being called "unpatriotic", though I'll bet she couldn't produce one actual (not imaginary) human being that did such a thing.

850 - "Look at the Congressional record" when it comes to his votes to fund veterans issues. He voted to increase funding 4 times not once. And thus the smackdown of Billie Jean is complete.

859 - WRAPPING UP. Final thoughts:

* It may take a week to wash all the smug self-righteousness out of my clothes.

* I wouldn't trust anything Fecker writes about this, given that he's already published one misleading statement with out pressing a key.

900 - This liveblog is over.

LEARNEDFOOT ADDS: I have corrected some of the more eggregious clerical errors, and edited this post for content to get it down to a PG-13 rating.

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