Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Lock Up Your Daughters

LEARNEDFOOT: Hey Moonchild - you know what?

MOONCHILD: Poopy poopy poopy poopy butt!

LF: Ha ha! That never gets old. No seriously - guess what I just heard.

MC: I tooted! Tooooooted!

LF: I mean other than that...

MC: I want a sucker!

LF: In a minute. I have some news that you might be interested in. It concerns your future social life.

MC: Poopy tootie butt!

LF: OK, I'll just tell you: this guy I know - he's having twin girls!

MC: Girls are poopy.

LF: Yeah, well, 20 years from know, I guarantee you won't think that. And, more importantly, in 20 years they'll still be twins! Twin girls!

MC: [thinking...]


LF: Now you're gettin' it. *sniff* That's my boy!

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