Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Moron Mail from Texas

I found this letter in today’s Dallas Morning News. I read it while sitting in the DFW airport, wearing day-old briefs, waiting for a 7:45 am flight that was supposed to take off 12 hours earlier. Luckily I found the letter before I spilled my cup of McDonald’s coffee and soaked up the puddle with the same newspaper.

But enough about me and my trip to the backwoods, or prairie, of Texas.

I’ve not cared about John Edwards and his hair, but the letter, written by Sandy Elkins of Plano, shows an absolute lack of understanding of irony that I’m compelled to comment.

The money quote is in this paragraph.

Mr. Richter says there's "one America where men pay $20 for a haircut, and another where they pay $400." I'll bet President Bush, Dick Cheney and Karl Rove don't get their hair styled at Supercuts or Wal-Mart.

Sandy, your comparison is empty-headed.

Personally, I don’t give a damn how much Edwards pays for a haircut. $400 to him is no different than $20 to most of us, so what’s the big deal?

The big deal is, John Pretty Boy Edwards is a raging hypocrite because he enjoys all the trappings of wealth, while railing against the same economic model that gave him the riches he wallows in.

This phony has made a political career from his "Two Americas" mantra. I've yet to hear, W, Cheney or Rove do the same.

Leftists are mentally incapable of calling out one of their own for hypocrisy. Bill Clinton can get head from an intern, but because he’s pro-abortion he gets a pass.

Al Gore uses more electricity and natural gas in a month than most do in a year, but it matters not because he is the profit of global warming.

Then there’s John Edwards. Oh, how he hates the divide between the haves, such as him, and the have-nots, but a $400 dollar haircut doesn’t bother the faithful because he is doing their bidding.

It’s like the televangelist who flies private jets and lives in a multi-million dollar home, all bought from the donations from their flock, but the flock doesn’t give a damn because he, the preacher, is praying for the salvation of their souls.

What a great gig, take others to task for living as you do and be hailed as a hero.

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