Monday, April 02, 2007

Moron Mail


The first-ever "Civil Rights Game" exhibition in Memphis today features the St. Louis Cardinals and the Cleveland Indians. So Major League Baseball seeks to honor our civil rights by having Chief Wahoo take the field? Is this casting intended to demean and humiliate, or are the powers that be in baseball just that stupid?


I give up.

You're right Sally: Bud Selig's sole motivation behind initiating an annual Civil Rights exhibition game was to demean and humiliate people. Or alternatively, he's just stupid. Well, stupider than you, anyway.

Because we all know that baseball is so less important than your feelings about an irrelevant and frankly unimportant perceived slight. Here's a thought: since you seem to have so much time on your hands to take offense at petty bullshit, why don't you -


Why are you all looking at me like that?

Did I fart?




Oh, this?

Silly goose! You didn't really think that I would e-mail CREW with my real name, do you? Given my political orientation and their propensity to selectively enforce "ethics", that would be like putting a big tattoo on my forehead which reads "SUE ME!"

And really, did you actually think they'd respond to such a comment? How would they defend themselves? Like this?

Gee, you're right. We're just a bunch of paid political character assassins funded by well heeled liberals who have waaaaaaaaay too much money and waaaaaay too few scruples and who know that they only way to get their moonbat cronies into elected office is to continually harass generally good politicians with superfluous FOIA requests and nuisance lawsuits claiming technical violations of extremely picayune and unimportant "ethical" "standards" - and no we never have heard of the word "hypocrite" - why do you ask?

As Chris Moltisanti or Paul Peter "Paulie Walnuts" Galtieri might say: "Don't be such a govone!"

Now, where was I? Oh yeah:

The Cleveland Indians suck.

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