Monday, April 23, 2007

The News in Haikus

Yes, that is a gun;
And, no, she is not really
Happy to see you.

If toilet paper
Is outlawed, only outlaws
Will have clean sphincters.

Hey Sturdevant: is
There anything you don't want
To throw our cash at?

Lori's dream is an
Eleventy bazillion-
Dollar state budget.

Boris Yeltsin dies.
Liver looked heathy compared
To Atomizer's.

Chicago to get
Its first big boner since the
Sox won the Series.

Harry Reid to Grunts:
"You are losers." Grunt to Reid:
"You are a douchebag."

Unlike Bill, I loathe
Sheryl Crow's "music." But then,
I don't adorn pies.

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