Monday, April 30, 2007

No Taxation With Menstruation

The new proposed tax form:

LINE 1. Taxable wages and tips: $______

LINE 2: Other taxable interest or dividends: $_______

LINE 3. Personal deduction: $_______

LINE 4. Itemized deductions (from Worksheet A): $______

LINE 5. Do you have a cock (check one): []Yes []No []Don't know

No, sadly, I am not making this up:

Want to reduce the overall level of income taxes and see more women taking home paychecks?

Lower income-tax rates for women while raising them for men, according to Harvard University economist Alberto Alesina, who calls the idea "discrimination, the good kind."

Ah yes! The "good kind" of discrimination! Who the hell is this twit?

An "economist", eh?

One moment please...


["]The female tax rate should be no greater than about 80 percent of that of males and possibly much less," Alesina and a co-author wrote in a recent paper that's grabbing attention among those concerned about the persistent gap between the sexes, both in workforce participation and average earnings.

Remember how we've been hearing over and over again from moonbats in the state legislature about how regressive property taxes are, and that we need raise income taxes to reduce the property tax burden? So now, do only the super rich have penises? Talk about a regressive tax scheme! The poor shlub making $10 per hour and sporting a 3-inch cocktail weiner has to pay the same higher percentage as the CEO sporting a foot-long trouser snake?

And I'm fairly certain there'd be an equal protection issue here - that is aside from all the other patent stupidity this dredges up. I'd even go so far to say that this taxation scheme wouldn't even survive the super-permissive "rational basis" standard of review. Though this is hardly the first time this week where a drooling moonbat didn't see the Constitution as an obstacle to the imposition of some Glorious Utopian Dream.

Fortunately this idea is so stupid that it'll likely never see the light of day. Hell, only half the electorate is female.

Well, there's also the eunuchatariat consisting of sensitive "guys" like our old pal Jeffie.

Uh oh.

Anyway, watch for this Sunday's column from Lori Sturdevant calling for all "courageous" legislators to support the Penis Tax.

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