Monday, April 16, 2007

Scenes From the Global Warming Day of Action Mass Slaughter

NOTE: The bright sunniness of a new spring day quickly turned dark and bloody on Saturday. What was supposed to be a peaceful gathering of environmentalists to exhort us and our government to change our carbon-spewing ways suddenly turned into a grisly scene of wonton death and dstruction. Using still photographs taken by Kevin "Ken" Ecker and the Freedom Dogs' Chief, the KAR Forensic Activities and Research Team (KARFART), have been able to recreate the senseless crimes that took place that horrible horrible day in April. We have turned the evidence over to the St. Paul Police Department, the FBI, and the Minnesota Board of Fish Game and Wildlife. Hopefully the perpetrator of this unspeakable crime can be brought to justice. The following is what we think an accurate reconstruction of the crime. WARNING: The following photographs contain graphic images. (Click to enlarge)

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