Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Sidebar Magic

Some ThunderJournalistic housekeeping:

Sorry, I've been remiss in my duties updating the Brewers' and Twins' magic numbers. I've got the latest numbers up now. Well, for the Brewers anyway; the Twins seem to have forgotten how to hit, and the resulting swoon has knocked them out of first place. You can find them on the sidebar just below the KAR Kwote Widgit.

I've also added value to the baseball section of the sidebar by adding the Cubs Futility Watch. Yes, now not only can you gauge how close the Brew Crew and the Twinkies are to winning the pennant, but in practically the same glance you can ascertain how many games out of first place the The Most Annoying Team in Baseball is.

OK, that's not fair. It's really the team with the most annoying fans in baseball. That's why I did it. Just doing my small part to torment North Side yuppies and baseball poseurs everywhere. You are welcome.

Finally, you'll note a new 2007 line in my softball stat tracker below the Cubs Futility Watch. Opening day is tomorrow, and I look forward to victimizing Team Kevie twice this year. We don't play each other until the end of May, so watch for the smack to start flying sometime next week.

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