Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Tooning Up the ThunderJournal

The City Pages once again released it's annual Best of the Twin cities issue, and once again KAR has been shut out.

But on the upside, so has the hated Nihilist in Golf Pants.

CLOSED CIRCUIT TO SISYPHUS: Our experience has shown conclusively that haikus do not win awards.

So since Top 11 lists appear to be soooo 2006, we must look to what current criteria the hipsters at CP deem makes for cutting edge local blog excellence. For this year, two distinct categories of blogger seem to have caught the CP's eye:

1) Bloggers who pretend that they're dogs and babble semi-coherent bullshit in the tone of a condescending a-hole; and

2) Bloggers who draw cartoons.

So in the interest of getting a head start on winning next year's best blog award, I offer a fresh new KAR-Toon (though, as a faithful citizens of KARNation know, we too featured an original cartoon for a short period of time):

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