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Why Do Liberals Hate the Truth?

I have debriefed Joe Tucci and arranged for him the appropriate psychiatric care. KAR thanks him for his service.

While there certainly several lively moments at last night's Town Hall meeting, judging by what Tucci told me most there were civil and well-behaved. I'm a little disappointed that there wasn't any "Iran is well witin its rights to nuke Israel" moments. But I'm sure the video footage that Teh Mayer now has in his possession will yield some memorable footage.

Then there is the matter of a certain "New 'Journalist'" that was covered in some depth last night on Tucci's Liveblog and elsewhere. His account of the meeting is up today, and he's standing by his lie story:

Minnesota Monitor had intended to liveblog the event. Unfortunately, while some conservative bloggers were allowed internet access, Kline staffers informed this reporter [HA! -ed.] that I would not be able to take advantage of internet access that had been offered me after inquiry with the Lakeville school district.

The "some conservative bloggers" were Michael Brodkorb and Tucci. And they were not "allowed" internet access. (Did he think - and with Fecke, I use that term very loosely - that Kline's staff had some sort of super-special high-tech wireless router that produced a wifi cloud only over conservative bloggers while freezing all others out?) As mentioned in Tucci's liveblog, Brodkorb had his own Verizon Wireless card that allowed him to use the cell-phone network to access the internet. And he shared his computer with Tucci.

And it should be reiterated that this post (which has since mysteriously disappeared from MinnMoni's front page) contains two outright falsehoods (in one sentence, which is efficient even by Fecke's standards):

Although wifi access has been enabled, Kline's staff has asked that there be no live blogging of the event

Wifi access was not enabled. And Kline's staff was not asking people to refrain from liveblogging. In fact, Kevie "The Cockleburr of Death" Ecker talked to some staff and was told that while blogging was not prohibited, there would be no wifi - the later was confirmed when booted up his laptop inside the auditorium, and was unable to get a signal:

Incorrect. Nobody ever said there was no liveblogging. Both in private and in public. I spoke with several members of the Kline staff and it was never related that there would be no liveblogging. Just that while the school had wifi, it wasn’t turned on. And I verified this with my laptop….which I had out, open and turned on. Plus both Joe Tucci and MDE were liveblogging next to me. Nobody questioned it.

I should point out that nobody on Kline's staff knows Kevin. For all they knew he was another leftyblogger; an understandable impression that could have been exacerbated by the fact that Kevin did not wear his characteristic camouflage outfit last night.

Fecke says that he set up arrangements with Lakeville South High which were later nixed by Kline's staff. True 'nuff. But then goes on to portray himself a victim of some evil double standard - the poor seeker of truth oppressed by the Man while the bad and evil, lying wingnuts were able to blog freely.

But leftybloggers weren't the only ones stymied by the Great Wifi Shut Down of Aught-Seven. Conservo-blogger Lady Logician was silenced by The Man (although you should note that what she was told by a Kline staffer is completely at odds with what Fecke claims he was told -emphasis mine):

I was told before the event that WiFi would not be available and that live blogging could be done if you had a wireless card (which sadly I do not). Thus I had to resort to “old school” note taking… I have not taken that many notes since college and I do not care to think about how long ago THAT was…

And indeed, had Tucci not fortuitously met up with Brodkorb, he too would have been unable to liveblog the meeting, disappointing hundreds dozens several a few KAR readers.

And then there is the document handed out to everyone before the event which contains no mention of the use of laptops. The only restrictions on technology mentioned in that document or by the nice lady who started the meeting was that cell phones needed to be turned off, and that attendees couldn't block the aisles with camera tripods.

All of this is enough to convince me that either:

1) Fecke is flat out lying; or

2) Fecke heard "no blogging" when the Kline staffer told him "no wifi".

Number 2 seems like the likely culprit - so much the better to cast himself as a victim and set up a facile slur against Kline that confirms the false stereotype that they have spent so much time crafting. It's another aspect of the old "We-only-hear-what-we-want-to-hear" syndrome. Which unfortunately, is awfully contagious.

If this is "New Journalism," I'll take the old.

UPDATE: I have included a couple more details that I originally omitted.

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