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the blog mart

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the blog mart by tim o'brien

Lying wingnuts ruin blogosphere for everyone!!!!!!!!!!

I shake my head sadly, as this was truly a tragic week for blogs. For the deceit, betrayal and outright disrespect shown by a small group of right-wing nutjob bloggers have tarnished us all. There is a community of bloggers out there -- left and right -- who respect each other even if they disagree with them. And in fact the victim of the terrible ruse I am about to account for you here was one of the most respectful, honest and undeserving of the frankly disgusting treatment at the hands of a few nazi-sympathizing bloggers.

It all began when noted objective internet journalist Jeff Fecke requested an interview from his long-time friend whom he had always respected and held in high regard, Andy Aplikowski (1) for an article he was writing for the online news source Minnesota Monitor (2). But instead of treating his fellow blogger with the respect and solicitude that he rightly deserved, Aplikowski replied with a series of hate-filled, racist, sexist, anti-Semitic, anti-Muslim, unhinged rants emblematic of any wingnut Republican. Like a good journalist, Mr. Fecke cleaned up the transcript, added some copy and posted the piece.

Aplikowski then revealed that the interview was bogus. He divulged on his little hate blog that Fecke and all the other tolerant and enlightened individuals who read the Minnesota Monitor were taken in by a hoax. He revealed that a compendium of wingnut bloggers including Mitch Berg (3), Kevin Eckernet (4) and one other guy I can't remember actually wrote the answers to Fecke's incredibly innocent and pure-hearted queries in order to get him to publish a phony interview, and provoke reactions from other centrist (some would say "leftist" but I won't) bloggers and readers. They did all this while using statements that are not obviously facetious like:

There’s a lot to be learned from fast food.


Actually, I want to tar and feather Rep. Earhardt.


Conan the Barbarian said it best; "the greatest joy is to drive your enemies before you and hear the lamentation of his women." That should be the goal.


I have a fundraising idea that would rake in money. Pawlent dunk tanks. I’d put the Governor in a tank and travel to every County Fair with him. 3 ball for $5 bucks to dunk the Guv! That’s gold baby.


We could start a draft movement. We’ve got some of the best bloggers in the Nation right here in Minnesota who are spot on on the conservative issues. The NARN guys are rock stars on the right, and in the eyes of the Delegates, can walk on water.


With all due respect, are you on drugs? Did you have one too many ‘nappy headed ho hos’ or something?

Worry me? Only that I’ll get sued, or be called a fucker or butt boy at a DFL fundraiser.


I’d love to see an actor get in. That would really bring back the Republican/Reagan romance.
I’m thinking someone like Bruce Willis, or maybe Mel Gibson. I think either one would be soooo much better than anyone one announced or considering.

I mean, come on, they are all just a bunch of suits reading teleprompters. We all know they don’t really believe the crap they are saying, they’re just pandering to us so we will give them money. I know they have absolutely no intentions what-so-ever to actually do anything they talk about.

I am a bit worried about your boy Obama though. He used to worship that Allah, and his middle-name is Hussein. Coincidence????

And then there were the totally believable insinuations that John Hinderaker was running for party chair. I mean, can you blame anyone for believing it was the real deal? I can see how any enlightened and intelligent person could totally get sucked in by that! Likewise I can't understand why a GOP activist would ever want screw with an obviously respectful objective and earnest fellow who writes for a straight down the middle news organization like Minnesota Monitor.

What a bunch of jerks.

So Aplikowski is a liar. Except for those racially charged statements - he must have totally meant those. I contacted Aplikowski for a statement to defend his heinous actions, but decided not to print it. Indeed, I'm just going to ignore it and only push one side of the story - the lefty activist one!

And now we should all shake our heads sadly at the death of the blogosphere as we know it.

D-MOD on hiatus????

One of the few venues in which enlightened liberals and knuckle-dragging conservatives could get together and respect each other was Drinking Moderately, held monthly during the spring and summer months by Centisity's (5) Flash. But alas, Flash hasn't posted any of his trademark open invitations this year. I guess D-Mod is just another casualty of disrespectful wingnut bloggers who feel uncomfortable drinking with good, honest liberals.


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