Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Doin' It for the Boobies!

Ah, the wonders of the blogosphere. Only on the internet can you instantaneously get updated on current events in real time as they happen. Or at least shortly after they happen.

Unfortunately, as you well know, KAR is a ThunderJournal; meaning that you can be treated to all the snark and twice the poop jokes about current events, a week or more after their newsiness has lapsed.

Which brings me to the long anticipated post mortem on last Sunday's (no, not this past Sunday - the one before it) Race for the Cure 'stravaganza. About 50 people walked or ran in the event for our team which was ably managed by the Lovely and Fetching Mrs. Foot (one week off of her last chemo treatment - yay!). On the evening before the race, Mrs. Foot and I threw a reception for all team members and locals who donated through her team at Buca di Beppo in Burnsville.

DAY 1: Tonight we drink, for tomorrow we will have a coronary from all the garlic mashed potatoes!

Nothing brings a crowd together better than those four little words: "Free beer and wine":

There was much eating...

...and drinking...

....and even more drinking:

(BTW, that's my cousin Lizzie in the foreground. She would be horrified to learn that this particular picture was put on the internet for the entire world to see, which is the only reason I posted it.)

Moonchild drew the short spaghetto, and therefore had to sit next to Strom:

You can tell Moonchild's pretty geeked about it.

Mrs. Foot addressed the team. It was an emotional moment...

...so I was forced to give the almost-certain-to-be-inappropriate David Strom a preemptive bird:

(Note Andy's fuzzy head; no doubt turning chicks on even during my infelicities.)

And here, Mrs. Foot is showing everybody how big her new boobies will be:

This is our team sign. While I did come up with our team's name, you can tell I didn't make the sign, as it is possessed of a certain amount of artistic merit and aesthetic appeal that my meager talents could never execute:

The Girl is cute even after scrubbing her face with a pizza:

And here we see your photographer, Noted Marquette Alumnus Denbo, showing that although he attended Marquette, he got a Notre Dame education:

DAY 2: The Loneliness of the Short Distance Walker

The best-looking RFTC team walking that day:

Mrs. Foot is dead center in the red sweatshirt. Second from left in the baseball cap is my brother - and team enforcer - Uncle Meatball ("The guns are back, baby!").

Moonchild giggling over all the "boobie" references:

And no Race for the Cure would be complete without bagpipes:

Of the 5 kilometers we walked, The Girl spent 4.5 of them on Uncle Meatball's shoulders:

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: here's that picture of Noted Marquette Alumnus Denbo hangin' spoons again:

There were a lot of people walking:

No, I mean a lot of people:

And finally, this shot at the finish line was taken moments before the light rail train mowed down about 300 unsuspecting walkers.

See how much fun that was? Well, if you crapped out this year, we'll be doing it again next year. Big thanks to those who walked or donated. And as for you other losers:

Expect a visit from Uncle Meatball next year.

Or worse, Strom.

Big thanks to Noted Marquette Alumnus Denbo (file photo):

...for taking the pics, burning them to a CD and mailing them to me through the U.S. Post, thereby expediting the posting of this recap.

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