Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Dirtball makes me late

On Saturday at 5:30 I packed the family in the car and headed to Maplewood for a small gathering of old friends, their spouses and 15 kids. Heading east on 694, approaching the river bridge, I was stunned as break lights were appearing across all lanes of traffic. I immediately noticed I would have to get off this freeway and head a different direction.

I couldn’t see what was causing the stoppage, but figured it had to be a rather serious accident as I saw stopped cars backing up to get to the 252 North exit they had just passed. I resigned myself that we were going to be late. I hate being late.

Imagine my surprise when I saw the news and found out the cause of the shutdown of both directions of Highway 694 wasn’t an accident. Nope. The cause was a murdering, kidnapping dirtball who was threatening to throw him and his 2 year old daughter off the bridge and into the river.

While I applaud the Brooklyn Center cops for talking the subhuman piece of shit into turning over the baby, I wish one of them would have had the presence of mind to accidentally “bump” him and thereby save the taxpayers the cost of the trial and subsequent incarceration.

The world doesn’t need this pig around, even if he is locked up.

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