Wednesday, May 09, 2007

F is for Fun, F is for Fake-Believe

No, Jeff, you're not a reporter. You are a paid propagandist for a political advocacy site whose sole mission is to get Democratians elected (oh - if it's not, then please tell me why only "progressive bloggers, freelance writers and 'professional' 'journalists'" need apply?). Therefore, when you ask an ardent activist for the Party Opposite for info on the inside baseball of that party - well, if you expect anything other than shenanigans you ought to reevaluate your "reporting" skills.

And since when is yanking someone's chain (even one who plays dress-up journalist) "willfully misleading" or "lying?" It's only "lying" inasmuch as my blockbuster interview with James Lileks was "lying," in that he was completely unaware that he had given me one. So, it wasn't "lying"; and it most certainly was not lying to a "reporter". The quicker you disabuse yourself of both notions, the happier you'll be.

(And really, you shouldn't lecture anyone about lying, given your exhaustive body of work based on half-truths, mischaracterizations, false premises and outright lies.)

What it was, however, was an amusing diversion; an exercise in disinformation with a rather obvious play to the preconceived prejudices of you and your audience. I mean, didn't those references to Obama and the Imus comment seem just a little extraneous and out of context?

It was like waving our arms yelling "Yoohoo! You can play the race card here!"

Not to you people. Critical thinking jumps right out the window when you hacks see the chance to slime somebody. Hell, it never even occurred to any of you that perhaps Andy didn't write any of those answers at all (aside from inserting typos and torturing some of the syntax to make it look more authentic). (And no, I didn't write the answers either.) Any obvious clues clues to the patent lines of bullshit offered up in that interview (John Hinderaker for GOP chair!!!!) once the Usual Suspects saw the opportunity to label Andy with the "R" word, and then by extension, everyone with whom he's ever had a conversation.

Oh, how you libs love to label. Well, label to destroy anyway. Somehow, I find it hard to believe that there'd be any chatter amongst yourselves if it were revealed that Andy rescues orphaned puppies and takes in foster children treating each and every one of them to a two-week trip to Disney World as they come.

No. You're all in the business in destruction. I was just shocked at how long it took y'all to turn the Obama statement around (more than 5 hours) and present it to your drooling midget kool aid suckers.

That's how we made you look bad. And we can hack too.

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