Wednesday, May 23, 2007

KAR EXCLUSIVE!!!!! Price Gouging At Minnesota Resorts!!!!!!!!

The Kool Aid Report Crack Consumer Affairs Investigative Journalism Unit (KARCrack), has discovered that a popular northern Minnesota resort is gouging its patrons. Through backdoor channels, KARCrack has obtained the Top Secret rate schedule for rooms at the resort.

The shocking price list shows Madden's Resort on Gull Lake has engaged in a brazen pattern of jacking up room rates during the height of the summer vacation season. The "Summer Vacation Season" has traditionally been the time when vacationers are most likely to be in need of the resort's facilities. Among the findings:

During the Spring, "off-peak" season running through June 9th, rates for a Sunday through Wednesday stay in a "Deluxe" room costs $137 a night. However, that same stay in the same room over the "peak" Summer months costs $179 per night! That's a $42 difference for the same room!

Likewise, a Thursday through Saturday stay in one of Madden's "Premium" rooms during the off-peak season will run the vacationer $192 per night. That rate during the more desirable Summer months?

An astounding $269 per night - 77 dollars more! Over the three night stay that amounts to $210 more than the lucky Spring vacationer would pay.

KARCrack has also received unconfirmed reports that other resort destinations also practice a similar form of Rate Inflation during times when travelers are more likely to pay the higher rates. And the practice is not limited to Minnesota, but can be found nationwide. Indeed Big Resort is poised to rake in billions of dollars this year.

This news of vacation destination price gouging comes on the heels of similar revelations that gas prices tend to increase right before big-travel Holiday weekends.

Please stay with KAR as we follow this developing story.

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