Tuesday, May 08, 2007

KAR WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Interview with James Lileks

James Lileks is a nationally syndicated writer, blogger, Star Tribune columnist, raconteur and pop culture archaeologist. We recently caught up with James to ask him a few questions about recent revelations on his blog, The Bleat.

LEARNEDFOOT: Thanks for taking the time to talk with us today, James.

JAMES LILEKS: Not a problem.

LF: I think it goes without saying that some of the things you revealed on The Bleat yesterday have caused quite a stir around town.

JL: An understatement. My inbox has swelled to O'Donnellian proportions.

LF: We'll get to that in a moment, but first I'd like to give our readers a little bit of background.

JL: Ah background. Background is the thing that gives the story a bony skeleton, so that it may stand erect and survey the savanna for the wildebeests of confusion.

LF: Er, yeah. Anyway, I am sure you are familiar with this photo:

JL: Why yes. That fetching visage is that of none other than the guy known as "me".

LF: Correct. Now do you recognize this man?

JL: That is the fabulous American star of stage and screen Bob Balaban. One of my favorites.

LF: You have to admit that the resemblance is uncanny.

JL: I have heard that. You know, some time ago there was this annoying anonoblogger who kept insisting that Balaban and I -

LF: I'd like to now ask you some questions about your post from yesterday, if I may.

JL: Er, OK. Shoot.

LF: In the fourth paragraph of yesterday's piece, you wrote the following:

All these worlds are mine, except Europa!

JL: I remember that. That's from the film 2010: The Year We Make Contact.

LF: Indeed. Later on in the post, there was this:

The music sums up exactly how I feel now, frankly. To quote Dave Bowman in “2010”: something is going to happen. Something wonderful.

JL: Yes. Another 2010 quote.

LF: You like that movie, do you?

JL: Of course, it didn't come close to measuring up to the original, but it was quite fine entertainment in its own right at its own time. Wonderful, yet forgettable; sci-fi escapism at its best!

LF: Mmmhmm. "Forgettable". In fact, I'll bet that nowadays most folks would be hard-pressed to remember any lines from that now 20-plus year-old movie; except for maybe, say, you and - well - the cast of the film course. Correct?

JL: An astute, and likely correct, observation.

LF: You remember who starred in that film?

JL: Let's see... There was Roy Scheider and John Lithgow. I think Yakov Shmirnoff or someone like that was in it. Uh... of course, you had a seemingly unaged Keir Dullea returning to the Discovery. Who else? Oh yeah - the aforementioned Bob Balab-


JL: ????

LF: ADMIT IT! You and Bob Balaban are THE SAME PERSON! You are so busted!

JL: This interview is over!

LF: Hey, that's my line, Bob.

JL: I am so going to punch you in the nuts.

LF: This interview is over!

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