Thursday, May 24, 2007

LearnedFoot Loves It When a Plan Comes Together

{Mr. Burns}Excellent!{/Mr. Burns}

Well, look at that boys and girls: some wonderful person at City Pages has recognized Foot's efforts to win next year's Best Local Right-Wing Blog award! In fact, because of Foot's tireless effort churning out impenetrable comic strips, KAR has been pronounced the frontrunner. Bully for LearnedFoot!

But Foot, why are you referring to yourself in the third person and otherwise writing like a condescending asshole?

Ah, an excellent question, paduan! Learned Foot is employing that particular style because being Best Local right-Wing blog is not enough for LearnedFoot. Oh nosireebob! Foot also hopes City Pages will name KAR to be Best Local Left-Wing Blog too, so Foot has adapted his style to the successful formula for that award. To that end, LearnedFoot is no longer an erstwhile suburban attorney. Now, think of LearnedFoot as an anthropomorphic brick of Vermont Cheddar.

And Foot will not rest until he garners all the meaningless annual accolades he has coming, boys and girls. Foot's also going after Best Night Club, Best Hangover Breakfast and Best Sex Toy Shop.

Foot wants it all, baby!

And for those of you surfing over from CP looking for pointless comics, Foot offers all you boys and girls a very special episode of Fleen:

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