Thursday, May 03, 2007

More Moron Mail Redux

In yesterday's installment, we examined some jerkass' brilliant economic plan to raise state revenues by raising taxes to the point where the "rich creeps" who fund the vast majority of the state treasury leave the Minnesota.

In today's letter, we get yet another economic illiterate (actually three, but I just single out the "best" one here) "Happy to Make Someone Else Pay More to Make Me Feel Good" dink:

As Gov. Tim Pawlenty moves toward vetoing various bills that raise taxes on the rich in order to provide desperately needed -

You know, I like that word. "Dink." Dink dink dink dink dink. I shall add it to the KAR List of Encouraged Words, and try to use it as often as possible, like "poop," "boner" and "wiener".

relief and/or services for low- and middle-income Minnesotans, he should look around and see exactly whom he is protecting.

One of his Republican buddies, former TCF CEO Bill Cooper, won't be paying Minnesota taxes on his wealth -- all earned as a direct result of the superior business and living environment created by those Minnesotans who pay their fair share.

So "all those Minnesotans" other than Bill Cooper do "pay their fair share"? Is there some sort of Bill Cooper Exemption in the Minnesota tax code?

No. It's yet another trope; a talking point; an abuse of the language to proffer support for an unsupportable position. These droogs point to the recent "tax incidence study" to "prove" that the "rich" don't pay their "fair" "share". But then the study completely leaves out sales taxes (rich people buy more and expensive stuff), property taxes (how much is the property tax on an 11 million dollar home), and all sorts of other taxes (how much do you think an 11 million dollar home takes to heat?).

In short, it's a crock of shit. They pull this "fair share" parlance out of their asses to give you the impression that people like Bill Cooper aren't paying any taxes at all. And then they act appalled - APPALLED - that any of them (who, remember, are already sending 6-figure checks into the Department of Revenue) would balk at having to pay EVEN MORE.

If I were a rich creep, I'd just prefer they say "thank you" and be on their way.

He's taken his money, thumbed his nose at Minnesota taxpayers and moved to Florida (Star Tribune, April 28).

Good riddance.

Do ya' think Cooper's regretting his decision to move at all? I wonder if he'll miss sharing a state with ungrateful a-holes like this dink.

But we should pass a law making it illegal for these expatriates to contribute in any way to future Minnesota elections.

There's that assault on the sacred franchise again. But don't you dare call them fascists.

Then maybe our governor would focus on tax policies that make sense for the people who actually live here.

Even if none of them pay for it.


Perhaps if you dinks thanked Cooper for all the millions of dollars he and others like him have already poured in to the state's coffers rather than treating them with derision and assigning them the role as your own feel-good ATM machine, people like him might be more inclined to stay.

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