Wednesday, May 02, 2007

More Moron Mail

Ladies and gentlemen, your champion for democracy:

A win-win solution

Neal St. Anthony's column on retired TCF CEO Bill Cooper ("TCF's Cooper flies the coop to Florida," April 28) gives new meaning to the term "cut and run."

Having raked in eight (or was it nine?) figures here year after year, Cooper now feels it's time to turn his back on the place that made him filthy rich and retire to where he won't have to pay what he considers excessive income tax.

To be fair, I believe he drew his eight (or was it nine?) figure salary from TCF and not the state of Minnesota. To be even fairer, close to one of those eight (or was it nine) figures would have gone right into the state treasury every year.

By the way, didn't Halliburton just do that in Dubai?


You know, when you look up the word non sequitur in the dictionary, it reads "see Wii Sports".

Cooper's tale is reason enough to make the proposed 9 percent state income tax on joint filers earning more than $400,000 into law.

Ah, a rich guy is driven out of the state partially due to its oppressive taxation, and this guy's solution is to make the tax even more oppressive.

(What was that dipshit's phrase again?)

(Oh yeah:)


Minnesota will get more badly needed tax dollars for education, health, transportation and other programs, and/or we'll get rid of super-wealthy, self-serving creeps like Cooper -- a genuine win-win situation.

So when the "wealthy self-serving creeps" (who pay more in state taxes than this twit makes in a year) leave, the tax revenue will go...


Which will create more "badly-needed tax dollars for education, health, choo choo trains transportation and 'other' programs."

To recap, to make sure I'm getting this straight: we raise taxes on "rich creeps" which will drive them out of the state and simultaneously revenues will still rise?



And Minnesota election officials take note: If this guy tries to vote here again, arrest him.

Ah yes, the sanctity of the franchise! Perhaps he forgot, but more likely it's because of several missing chromosomes, that this peckerhead who is now advocating the arrest of a voter, once signed on to Mark Ritchie's "Champion for Democracy Campaign". Voting four times under phony registrations? - not a problem! Think you pay too much in taxes? - ARREST THAT TRAITOR!



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