Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Moron Mail

Unoriginal and rote recitation of talking points? The exhibition of either willful ignorance or conveniently revised history? Pompous moralizing with smug certainty?

Why, it must be the "Letter of the Day":

In response to the revelations in George Tenet's new book, members of the Bush administration are saying once again that war against Iraq was a last resort and that President Bush weighed all options. In saying this, they are counting on Americans to have forgotten how members of the Bush administration mounted an all-fronts, high-pressure sales pitch to promote the war beginning in the fall of 2002.

They are also counting on us to have forgotten that the Bush administration engaged in a dirty-tricks campaign against members of the U.N. Security Council during January 2003 to secure votes for a resolution authorizing war against Iraq. The administration failed to get its resolution. On March 16, it warned the U.N. weapons inspectors to leave Iraq, and three days later went to war.

Had the inspectors been given a few more months to continue

I'm sorry. This letter has been printed and fisked a thousand times in many different fora. Instead of finishing the letter and fisking it, I'd prefer to make better use of this modest swath of bandwidth. So here's a short instructional video of how to kick a football in Madden '07 for the Wii:


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