Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Moron Mail

Hey! Someone else reads the Blog House:

In the May 12 Blog House, a blogger wondered why he has to pay (i.e., be taxed) for light-rail transit even if he doesn't use transit.

Well, that blogger is probably an idiot to wonder, since he should know the answer. The Blog House tends to ignore or marginalize the top-tier ThunderJournalists (and bloggers).

Well, the people who currently use mass transit could wonder why they have to pay for the roads he uses -- and I, living in Alexandria, could wonder why I pay taxes for roads he uses in the Twin Cities?

Do you think that your wholly organic granola, your Alpaca coat and your patchouli just somehow materialized on the store shelf? Perhaps it was teleported there by some fantastic Star Trek device.

It didn't get there via light rail or bus.

The reason he has to pay for LRT, regardless of individual use, is because mass transit benefits all of us.

As someone who commutes from one suburb to another - neither of which are anywhere near - an LRT station I can safely say that it does not benefit me. Or my wife. Or any of my neighbors.

For each person mass transit takes off the roadways, traffic on the roads lessens (making the blogger's commute shorter in time and cheaper in cost), the cost of road maintenance lessens with decreased use, and there is a "green" benefit from having fewer vehicles on the roadways.

And anyone who has driven from the south to downtown Minneapolis during the time the LRT has been in use can tell you that this contention is a "crock" of "shit".

Unfortunately, this "what's in it for me" rant has been the driving theme of the antitax movement for the past 25 years.

Ah yes: no moronic justification for a boondoggle would be complete without inventing a false premise. And this guy's a pro too, given that he is one of those rare Kool Aid sucking dimwits who has been known to faithfully regurgitate the fully discredited Krugman Fallacy (which, of course, did not pass without comment on this ThunderJournal).

But anyway, there's those characterizations again - "what's in it for me" and "antitax" - to create the impression that those whose rectums are already sore from the machinations of Minnesota's state tax aren't paying hardly any taxes at all. Or at least they're not paying their "fair share". The fact of the matter is that the next budget will be increasing by around 9 or 10 per cent. That's higher than the rate of inflation, and way higher than my last raise.

The fact of the matter is that the only reason LRT exists is because a band of socialist social engineers aligned themselves with a bunch of flaming Minnesotans in love with the idea that Minneapolis could really really be another Chicago if only we had those neat trains they have there. There are an awful lot of people who **already** pay a **large** sum of money in taxes that think sinking $750 million dollars into a train that cannot support its operating costs on fares is just too much to pay to help someone else achieve their concept of utopia (or, conversely, Chicago).

I'm sorry that it hurts to hear that Minnesotans, but it's the truth. You can now go back to wetting yourselves over Brett Favre trade rumors.

Its effects are starting to show on the nation's infrastructure.

Perhaps if we stopped toying with the totally useless notion that kindergarten should start at age 3...

Using this logic -- that taxes are payment only for services that each individual uses -- then we would have no roads at all -- nor would we have any public schools or universities, public hospitals, airports, national parks, libraries, etc.

And there it is - we're not calling for fiscal sanity - we don't want to pay any taxes at all. We're such a bunch of unenlightened troglodytes.

If I were a lefty blogger, I'd call this patrician jerk a liar - LIAR!!!!!! But, happily for you, I am not, and instead will call him:


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