Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Perhaps If You Focused Your Energies in a More Productive Direction You Wouldn't Be Such an Asshole

Two years ago, I posted the now-infamous "Hockey Sucks" post. It was part of an ongoing good-natured tongue-in-cheek sparring match with Sisyphus, and it spawned a great smack-heavy Thread Boner.

And since then, that post gets hit several times a day from sad hosers who google "hockey sucks". Sometimes the more angry hoseheads even leave very insulting and illiterate comments, most of which I have gleefully mangled.

So why would people who I assume love hockey (judging from what I can decipher from their barely readable comments) google "hockey sucks"? I can only assume that they have some sort of an inferiority complex because of their chosen sport (because - face it - hockey is a second tier sport), that they must address and pillory any contrary view. Even if it is a little tongue in cheek. They're like some sort of self-appointed internet Thought Police.

There are others, of course. Like the loser who one time went down the Fighting 101st Keebie blogroll (found here under the heading "Drowning Them in Their Own Flava") and left insulting comments on some of those blogs, including this ThunderJournal, for no apparent reason.

And just yesterday, on this post, some hallucinating 9/11 conspiracy droolbag who has never pooped here before and who obviously googled "rosie + melt steel + Oakland" to find KAR and all the others who wrote on this topic left a driveby comment. "OK, so the physics were wrong. But that doesn't disprove the George Bush Sr. was once head of the CIA and therefore 9/11 was an inside job."

But these losers don't have to use google. Sometimes proximity is all it takes, as Mitch has learned from the loud, incessant bleating protestations of some really insecure "feminists" ("feminist" being defined as someone who believes abortion is the preeminent overarching civil right, holds the presumption of guilt for any man accused of a violent crime against a woman, maintains willful ignorance of biology, and the desperate eunuchs who want to love them).

Eh. Best to just concede the point and leave them to suffer the consequences of their insistence of viewing everything through the lens of identity politics. When the real world finally intrudes on their sad little lives, it could get ugly. In an entertaining way.

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