Friday, June 01, 2007

Governor bitch slaps Mayor

In front of a statewide audience this morning, T-Paw bitch slapped the Commie-like mayor of St. Paul, Chris Coleman, after the latter complained about Pawlenty’s veto of the tax bill.

Chrissie is upset that St. Paul won’t be getting usual millions from the Minnesota Department of Revenue. Did you know in 2006 the city of St. Paul received $59.5 million in state aid while collecting $54.7 million in property taxes?

So what did the Governor have to say?

Here’s the windup:

"The city of St. Paul... gets more money in federal and state aid than they raise in their local property taxes," Pawlenty said. "It's not exactly a small or poor city."

And the slap:

"With all due respect to the mayor, there's more to leading a city than just complaining about what the state does and accommodating the protesters for the 2008 (Republican) national convention," Pawlenty said. "That seems to be the big agenda in St. Paul."

Thank you, Governor, for putting this pusillanimous twit in his place. When the money from the state and federal government is greater than what a city raises in property taxes, those dollars cease to be aid.

If Coleman and the mismatched-sock-wearing, rooftop-garden-planting, billboards-prevent-juvenile crime-believing, boy mayor on the other side of the Mighty Mississippi want to be dependent on the state for the bulk of their revenue, it’s time for the state to begin attaching strings to every penny.

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