Wednesday, June 13, 2007

In Which LearnedFoot Meditates on an Erudite Question Involving Our National Pastime

What the fuck?

No, seriously. What the fucking fuck?!!!

I seriously hope that this signals the nadir of the Brewers' fucking month-long swoon, and it's all up from here. Otherwise we here at KAR will have to call for the firing of the entire rancid coaching staff, from Ned Yost on down. At the very least batting coach Dale Jim fucking Sveum Skaalen ought to be out on his ass today. There is absolutely no excuse for a lineup with that much fucking firepower to get no-hit by anyone. And don't even get me started on that paltry output these fuckers have pooped out during most of May and all of June.

Shit, I'm just surprised they didn't get no-hit by a flavor-of-the-week 10-day callup from AAA.


KAR is officially calling for the ouster of Dale Sveum Jim Skaalen. And if the Brew Crew can't get this shit turned around in a hurry, the whole fucking lot of them.

Pathetic. Just pathetic.

ERRATA: Blinded by our own rage, we inadvertently misidentified the Brewers' batting coach in this post as Dale Sveum. The Brewers' batting coach is actually some guy named Bob Slowik "Jim Skaalen." KAR is calling for his firing instead, and regrets the error.

UPDATE: After having a couple of hours to work through our anger issues, we are still intensely peeved. Therefore, KAR is now also officially calling for the firing of bullpen catcher Marcus Hanel.

UPDATE 2: No, that really didn't make us feel any better either.

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